In the last two years I’ve been to nine coworking conferences, large and small: GCUC Los Angeles 2016 Coworking Europe Brussels 2016 Coworking Budapest 2017 CU Asia Chiang Mai 2017 Techfestival Coworking Summit Copenhagen 2017 Coworking Europe Dublin 2017 Coworking Unconference Bansko, Bulgaria 2017 CU
The best way to change your behaviors is to change your environment. Whether your current work environment is toxic, or simply uninspiring, becoming a member of a coworking space is often exactly the change you need. Shifting your environment has the potential to do wonders
Berlin has a vacancy problem, and there’s no easy way to solve it. According to CB Insights, Berlin ranks №3 in Europe for ‘Total # of funded startups who’ve raised above €300k’, while in the first half of 2017 alone, investors poured €2.1 billion of their
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