We’ve Heard You Loud and Clear

Each year we hear the same stories at coworking conferences around the world. Even though they are a great time, and we absolutely recommend attending them, so many people say the same things at the end.


I wish there was more social time. I want to connect with more of my people. The intro content isn’t relevant to me anymore.


Yeah, we know, you’re craving something more intimate. This is why we created The Coworking Retreat.

What is The Coworking Retreat?

The Coworking Retreat is a 4-night, 5-day social gathering with coworking managers and founders from all over the world and all walks of life. No sales pitches, no product booths, no talks. Only raw, enlightening, and inspiration-filled connection and discovery.


It looks  a little like this:

The Details

Location: Monestir Sant Salvi near Barcelona, Spain

Dates: May 8th – 12th, 2017

What’s in store:

  • 3 delicious meals per day, cooked by our professional private chef*
  • 4 nights in a luxurious shared or private room**
  • 24 talented coworking professionals to jive with
  • Daily on-site discussions and adventures/excursions around the Barcelona countryside
  • Oh, and an open bar***

Tickets are only €450. Yes, you read that correctly. 🙂

*Vegan, vegetarian, and/or gluten-free meals available.
**Private rooms available at extra cost if, for some reason, you’re not feeling friendly.
***Seriously. Drinks are included. ALL OF THEM.
initial image
Let’s share a magical week together.


Seriously, the retreat is “all-inclusive”?

If by all-inclusive you mean all your accommodations, food, and drinks are provided for the cost of your ticket, then yes!
The only thing that’s not included is your travel costs.

Who’s going to be there?

The group will consist almost entirely of current coworking space managers and founders. Other than our staff and two sponsor representatives, there will be no wannabees, consultants, or service providers allowed.

How do I get to the retreat?

Transportation to the nearest train station is cheap and easy for you to organize on your own. Once you’re there we’ll pick you up and bring you directly to the retreat!

What if my flight is delayed?

We will constantly be checking our email and other communication mediums to ensure that we are informed about any delays. However, we can’t predict the future. If your flight is significantly delayed do everything you can to let us know when/where you’ll arrive.

Is the ticket refundable?

Nope. But, you’re welcome to transfer your ticket to another person with our written approval. 🙂

Can I bring my significant other, coworker, or business partner?

In order to create the maximum possible connection among all of us cool coworking folks, registration is limited to one person per organization. All registrants must be a manager or founder of a coworking space, so unless your significant other works at another coworking space they won’t be permitted to attend.

Who’s putting this together?

The Coworking Retreat is a collaboration between Coworkation and Coworking Insights, in partnership with Coworkaholic sponsored by Communitas. Put more personally, it’s a collaboration between Mike LaRosa, Stuart Jones, and Ryan Chatterton. 🙂