Promoting Your Members’ Choice Award

Has your space won a Coworker Members’ Choice Award? Your award is the result of consistently great reviews from the people that matter the most – your members. Raise awareness about your coworking spaces’ prestigious award by following this checklist to promotional success.


Tip #1: Add the award to your website.

Showcase your winning status on your own website with a free widget that links people to your Coworker page where they can browser member reviews and photos. Log into your Coworker account to easily download the code.

Tip #2: Display your award at your space.

Share your success with everyone who walks through your doors by putting your plaque or printed certificate in your reception area.

Tip #3: Issue a Press Release

Spread the news far and wide and if you’ve never written a press release before and don’t have a public relations firm, don’t worry – we have resources to help you! Log into your Coworker account for a Coworker-provided template for your Members’ Choice Award win. All you need to do is complete your coworking spaces’ details. Once it’s ready to go, you can issue it over a wire service like iReach to get it featured on up to 1400 websites.

Tip #4: Contact your local media

Reach out to your area newspaper or online news website and get the name of their travel, business, or general news reporter.  Send them your press release via email, and offer to let them visit and photograph your coworking space.  Let them know that your Award win from the world’s largest coworking community platform is a distinction worth talking about.

Tip #5: Post your award on Facebook and other social media sites

Let your followers know about your Award by sharing it on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages…. simply log into your Coworker profile to download pre-made graphics. You never know who might notice it!

Tip #6: Add a banner to your email signature

Make sure everyone you communicate with knows that you’re a Members’ Choice Award winner by adding a banner to your email signature. You can download this inside your Coworker profile or create your own custom graphic and upload it as an image in your “Signature” email settings.

Tip #7: Share your win with your members!

It’s the great member feedback that makes this award possible, so let your members know that you are a winner. Thank them for their role in helping you win this award and let them know you appreciate them!



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