A quick note on the important things.

We’re building the future of work. We’re not just breaking the rules, we’re changing the game entirely. And as we go along it’s imperative that we know what it’s all for.

To me, it’s for a better planet.

This movement we’re a part of. This revolution in the way we work and create economic opportunities. It’s all happening so that #teamhuman can get one step closer to self-actualization. Lofty? Sure, but anything less isn’t worth fighting for. Anything less is boring.

I’m about to hop on a plane from BUD to FRA, my first leg on a journey to southeast Asia. As I leave my home of three months and all the absolutely incredible people I’ve met, both coworking and non-coworking folks, I feel a mix of excitement, sadness, and possibility.

This trip has solidified what’s important to me and what I think is the point of the workplace revolution and all the industries that have been created around it. The point is to bring people together like never before. The point is to meet and understand other cultures. The point is to embrace strangers as best friends. The point is to laugh together, cry together, and celebrate together.

#teamhuman is what it’s about. It’s all I’m in it for.

Ryan Chatterton

I've spent the last several years in the coworking industry, from launching and running an Impact Hub location to building an education and events program at PARISOMA, and some stuff in between. Along the way I've learned first-hand what works and what doesn't, and I continue learning every day. I'm enthralled with the emerging world of work that's been enabled by coworking, bootcamps, and accelerators. For the first time in my life, I feel there is a chance for people to forge their own careers without dropping $40K+ on an education or being at the beck and call of a power-hungry manager for years on end. For the first time, I think there's a path that makes sense for the rest of us. Talk to me at ryan@coworkinginsights.com and check me out on LinkedIn.