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3 Reasons Covid-19 Makes Coworking Office Space the Best Solution

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The Covid-19 pandemic has tested (and decimated many) old ways of doing things. In the past, the world held fast to the central office image, a real estate workplace design set in the city. Today, with the work-from-home arrangements – a trend that is most likely here to stay – there is a need to rethink work environments by looking at the coworking office model in a new light.

This is a distributed office model through urban areas and local districts. Coworking spaces are better placed to support distributed teams’ productivity and facilitate organizational resilience while bringing services close to the communities.

Coworking spaces flourished in the last decade, following the layoffs of the previous financial disaster. They were the vehicle for startups and the unemployed but entrepreneurial, and soon corporates joined the trend to capitalize on the collaborative genius nurtured in these spaces. In the post-Covid-19 world, it wouldn’t be surprising to find that most businesses are using this office model.

Our Nassau county coworking spaces are social yet professional environments that empower individuals and businesses to collaborate (and save costs) for remote working productivity.

Ongoing studies show that when various workers cooperate in a shared space, they become more productive. Traditionally these have been the evident advantages that come from coworking spaces. But in the current age of the pandemic, coworking office environments prove extremely useful in novel ways.

1) Most office workers are still telecommuting

Remote working defined much of 2020, and even in the post-pandemic world, trusted data shows that the world will still telecommute. Coworking office spaces play an essential role for remote workers. These spaces provide an environment or zero distractions, full amenities, and collaborative support from peers in the same field.

Unexpectedly now, numerous individuals are just getting to learn to telecommute and how to make it work. More employees and bosses are trying coworking spaces, and increasingly, many are expressing contentment with it. It beats working from home with constant distractions or unreliable internet connectivity. It beats working from the coffee shop.

Moving the workplace space from a major city is a decent method to manage the current pandemic because of the density of the populace in urban settings.

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Coworking spaces help with business continuity while ensuring that employees are safe closer to home and out of crowded cities. It is not wrong to anticipate that many organization central commands will move to suburb grounds, where there is more space, which is less expensive.

2) Small business support in a time of need

Coworking office spaces such as the Great neck office spaces do not just address social distancing and telecommuters’ issues. They are an indispensable supportive framework for startups and small ventures, sole proprietors, independently-employed workers, and different business visionaries.

Given the current economic hardships, setting up or operating a private office is infeasible for many small businesses and enterprising individuals.

Coworking spaces are a lifesaver, particularly for private companies that need fully functional office spaces complete with amenities for a small monthly fee that is ridiculously lower than renting.

Yelp’s business impact report shows that 60% of enterprises that closed due to the pandemic are now totally out of business. The data highlights the burden faced by budding companies, from economical to logistical, to survive the pandemic.

Coworking spaces can ease the pressure and enable easier access to support, be it small business administration and CARES business relief.

3) People can come together, connect, build relationships and develop careers

The corporate ladder didn’t collapse. Organizations might restructure, redesign office space, or shuffle processes around but growth and career development remain critical goals for professionals during the pandemic.

While coworking spaces can save organizations office expansion and redesign costs (in compliance with safety best practices), they further create thriving work environments designed for best performance and work-life balance.

Colleagues and professionals in the same niche can collaborate on projects, expand their networks, and accelerate career growth. They get to meet deadlines, maintain professionalism with clients (no Zoom calls in pajamas) and bolster productivity.

For these three reasons, coworking office spaces will continue to be a feasible solution for organizations and individuals. The future is even brighter for coworking spaces as real estate prices rise and as organizations push for more presence in the communities they serve.

Contributed by Michelle Karmley; original post can be found here.


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