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Are Coworking Spaces the Ideal Post-Pandemic Alternative to Working From Home?

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Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has created an incentive for companies to change existing standards and rethink how they work.

Working from coworking or shared office spaces has become a new reality for many companies in both major cities and suburban communities. Mainly, this is due to the fact that coworking allows teams to conduct business from different places, choosing the most effective options that suit each employee.

Navigating the experience of forced remote work has made companies understand that the critical element is the purpose of the work, while the physical place is not so important.

A coworking in Chicago.

New strategies after the coronavirus pandemic

According to the international consulting company CBRE, in 2020, the rapid growth of the market for flexible office spaces slowed due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy and on the office real estate market.

As business activity recovers and employees fully return to work, many experts believe the demand for coworking spaces will increase in the medium term.

In the long term, coworking spaces could be part of new hybrid tenant strategies that will emerge from the experience gained during the pandemic that now emphasizes a more flexible approach to workflow. Influenced by market transformation, office property owners are likely to more actively develop flexible space formats to meet increasing demand.

The popularity of coworking spaces

Companies have long thought about optimizing the cost of offices, and this only became more critical once the pandemic struck. Business owners began to prefer formats with flexible lease terms and those that do not require income expenditures.

During the recovery of business activity, the demand for flexible spaces has been steadily increasing. In the end, business owners have realized that keeping an office so employees can come in for rare, one-off tasks or in-person meetings is simply irrational.

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Psychologists also believe that people need a change of scenery from time to time. Working completely alone has placed a significant burden on many families. When working from home, there is a feeling that you are constantly both at home and work without any separation. For all of these factors, remote employees are finding that coworking spaces offer a much-needed alternative to working from home.

Taking advantage of coworking amenities

The essence of any coworking space is to provide a comfortable environment for productive work. Coworking spaces minimize distractions, offering rational layouts, excellent aesthetic design, good lighting, and a wide range of work areas such as hot desks, meeting rooms, and private offices.

In many cases, coworking spaces are also multifunctional – with kitchens and cafes, recreational areas, and conference rooms. They are typically divided into several zones so that members can choose the perfect option for their type of work.

For example, coworking conference rooms are suitable for hackathons, masterclasses, and seminars. In such rooms, interpreting booths may be provided if a simultaneous translation is required. This provides comfortable working conditions and fits seamlessly into the design of the coworking space.

In conclusion

The coronavirus pandemic will subside, and the economy will recover along with business activity. In the aftermath of the crisis, coworking spaces that provide flexible, practical benefits will draw clients away from office landlords. Moreover, it will simply be inefficient for a business to pay for a long-term, expensive office lease when employees can easily work from a coworking space near their home.


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