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Assessing the Broad Range of Hot Desk Pricing in Asia: 2020 Statistics

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As the coworking industry continues to develop across second and third-tier cities, more shared offices are appearing not only in downtown areas but also in small, remote towns. With a more mature market, how have prices been influenced in continents like Asia? More importantly, what can Asia’s broad range of hot desk pricing in cities large and small tell us about the industry’s evolution as a whole?

We explore these questions and analyze monthly coworking averages across all continents in our 2020 Desk Price Index report, which can be downloaded here.

Our Analysis – 2020 Average Monthly Desk Prices in Asia

In this year’s Desk Price Index report, we examined the average monthly hot desk prices of more than 14,000 coworking spaces in 170 countries and across six continents (plus the Oceania region) based on data provided by Coworker. In particular, the market in Asia provides useful evidence of the continued demand for new coworking spaces on a continental scale that is worth further examination.

With Singapore, Hong Kong, and India largely leading the country rankings for coworking growth per capita in 2019, our findings align with the Asian market’s rapid development over the past 12 months. In our assessment, the coworking market in Asia returned a notably broad range of average monthly desk prices in countries across the continent.

For example, India (which has been one of the fastest-growing markets in recent quarters) came in at $95 USD per month for a hot desk, while Hong Kong remains at an average of $346 USD per month (the fourth most-expensive country listed in the 2020 Desk Price Index).

To read a detailed analysis of what these statistics reveal about the industry at large, download the full 2020 Desk Price Index report.

A graph of average coworking prices in various countries in Asia,
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