Author Ansgar Oberholz

Ansgar Oberholz’s studies in physics, mathematics, informatics and philosophy did not see him through to a mortarboard—the Berlin of the 90s was far too a distracting and interesting place. Instead he pursued music, produced software, and founded an agency for visual communication and a model agency. He opened up the St. Oberholz together with Koulla Louca in 2005. The St. Oberholz of today is renowned for being an epicenter of the Berlin startup-scene in Berlin Mitte that more than paved the way of coworking as we know it. Some popular startups were founded in St. Oberholz, for example, Soundcloud, brands4friends and hellofresh. Ansgar is considered a veteran of the entrepreneurial scene and an expert on the phenomena associated with New Work. Ansgar Oberholz is advisor in Berlin senat’s startup-unit and mentor for various startups. He is board-member in iHub, an association for innovation-culture, and founded together with Tobias Schwarz the “Institut of New Work”.