Author Victor Whitmore

Victor Whitmore is a self-made entrepreneur who transformed his humble beginnings into a $100 million-dollar real estate empire. Born into poverty in Gerry, New York, Victor's determination to escape his circumstances led him to take on odd jobs at 10 years old. Motivated by a desire to support his family, he nurtured an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. Today, Victor is a Co-Founder of Precision Equity, a renowned real estate investment company established in 2003, based in Tulsa, OK. In his role, he oversees asset management, investment strategies, and operational procedures. With over 20 years of experience in commercial real estate, he has successfully led multi-million-dollar renovations, strategic repositioning efforts, and the acquisition of nearly 2500 multi-family units, resulting in a substantial increase in property value. Victor's expertise has facilitated commercial real estate transactions totaling over $265,000,000.