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Avila Spaces Presented as a Success Case in Two International Coworking Conference

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During the Cowork Summit (Madrid) and the Coworking Europe 2022 (Amsterdam), Avila Spaces revealed the reasons that make it the most awarded workspace in the country and the only one to be considered the best coworking in Southern Europe, in the SESA Awards.

The hybrid work concept of Avila Spaces, whose maximum exponent is the new Avila Work City, the first Portuguese coworking space integrated in a shopping center, was presented as a success case and ‘state of the art’ in the international conferences Cowork Summit (Madrid) and Coworking Europe 2022 (Amsterdam), organized by Social Workplaces.

“Avila Spaces is one of the European pioneers in the coworking market. So we are not surprised that it was the first in Portugal, and one of the first in Europe, to demonstrate that coworking in shopping centers makes a lot of sense, both for digital nomads and for the operators themselves, who can thus diversify their activities and enrich the proposition of value of the locations,” said Jean-Yves Huwart, CEO of Social Workplaces.

Avila Spaces Work City, one of the first coworking spaces in a shopping center.

A view of Avila Work City, the first-ever coworking project in a shopping center in Portugal.

“The ‘coworking – shopping centers’ alliance is, as we see from the Avila Spaces concept, a formula for success, a pioneering venture in the sector at European level and in Portugal. In Madrid, Avila participated in a very interesting round table where different success stories were discussed,” highlighted Eduardo Salsamendi, president of ProWorkspaces, the Spanish association of business centers and other workspaces, responsible for organizing the Cowork Summit.

At these two conferences (attended by more than 600 people), the advantages of Avila Spaces were highlighted as a strategic partner in hybrid working models, in the creation of satellite offices, and in talent retention/attraction programs.

The fact that it has an all-inclusive regime, with access to a premium lounge, individual workstations, meeting rooms fully equipped with the latest technologies, and leisure activities for clients, makes Avila Spaces the ideal choice for companies and self-employed people who are, at this time of uncertainty and redefinition, hoping to streamline costs.

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“Over the past few years, Avila has increasingly established itself as a partner in the scope of talent retention and attraction strategies,” stresses Carlos Gonçalves, CEO of Avila Spaces. “We have a 360º concept that brings together collaborative spaces, private offices, coworking, meeting rooms equipped with videoconferencing systems, phonebooths and, very importantly, events with the Avila community, which promote networking, the sharing of experiences, socializing through sports practice, the promotion of brands in talks organized in the space itself.”

This year, Avila Work City was inaugurated at Atrium Saldanha shopping mall. This evolution of Avila’s concepts of hybrid work and corporate coworking allowed the coworking business to be re-invented and aroused the interest of various international companies: Chanel, Royal Caribbean, Lindt, Moodys Analytics, Github, Google, Talkdesk.


Avila Spaces is the most awarded business center in Portugal and is the innovation leader in the flexible workspace market in the country. The Coworking and Business Lounge offer a premium environment, with cutting-edge technology, where companies can grow in a sustained and dynamic way. In 2022, Avila Spaces inaugurates what is the first coworking project inserted in the galleries of a shopping center: Avila Work City, at Atrium Saldanha.

Founded in 2004, Avila Spaces currently has more than 1000 national and international clients and is a member and representative in Portugal of the largest network of business centers in the world, the eOffice International Network. This network has over 300 locations and is managed from the UK. Avila Spaces has its facilities in Lisbon, on Avenida da República and at the Atrium Saldanha Shopping Centre. In 2019 and 2021, it was distinguished with the ‘Best Coworking Space’ award at the South Europe Startup Awards (referring to Southern Europe), which reinforced the company’s leadership in the sector of flexible and shared workspaces and its ability to provide a culture and environment that encourage innovation, in addition to its services and resources available to fast-growing tech startups.


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