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Become the Hero

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I write a lot about storytelling (here, here, and even here). Telling a compelling story is incredibly important for building your brand, whether a coworking space or traditional business. Stories get told and retold and bring new prospects through the door. But…

We’re bored.

Most people don’t tell stories that are their own anymore. Instead they are only comfortable retweeting that Huffington Post article or sponsoring the local gala in exchange for some exposure.

I had a friend when I was growing up that would tell me the most fantastical stories about the things that people he knew had done. They were never people I knew, mind you (his friends, his relatives). I always got the sense that they were filled with at least a little exaggeration, if not completely fabricated. I think they were never about himself because he would have a hard time lying about them because that would actually feel like a lie (not a story). So, he made the decision to never be the hero in his stories. That way he could make the stories as amazing as he wanted. My point?

Be the hero.

We want you to be the hero of your stories. We want to hear about what you did when the neighborhood was falling apart and somebody needed to make a caring, bold move to save it. We want to hear what you did when you had an empty space and generously provided it to community organizations who would value it, transforming the space into a vibrant hub.

When we hear about what you did, we get excited. We love you for it. We celebrate it, and we spread the word. We hope you’ll do it again, so we can watch. We hope you’ll involve us next time. And, yeah, we might just pay for the privilege to be in your story.

Dear coworking manager/operator: this applies to you. Your community wants you to lead them, not manage them. They want inspiration and hope. Please stop working on your growth marketing campaign and start showing us that you’re our hero.

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