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Building a Robust Community at Your Coworking Space

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Being a part of a community has always been central to human experiences. Being part of a community makes one feel included and also encourages them to share their experiences.

Community is also a critical success factor for coworking spaces. In the past few years, we’ve seen massive growth in the popularity of coworking spaces. While humans spend 30% of their time at work, having a community at their working place is equally important for them. This is where coworking spaces fill the gap and thrive on community collaboration.

Role of a Community in Coworking Spaces

Successful communities do more than merely communicating and sharing ideas, they have a huge and positive impact on the mental health and sanity of the individual member of the community.

Coworking spaces, unlike traditional offices, provide an excellent opportunity for individuals to build a community network with people from diverse backgrounds, and job profiles, across multiple verticals.

A view of a DevX coworking space.

How To Create a Successful Community?

From the beginning of time, humans have been extremely social and have been drawn towards creating communities. This has promoted collective growth; as social interactions are known to catalyze, support, and influence.

To keep your community engaging and buzzing, understanding what your members do and how your coworking space can help them take it one step forward will help you grow your community.

Apart from day-to-day professional conversations how can you build your community? Read through to know more…

Encourage Communication

For a coworking space to be warmer and more extended, enabling effective communication is extremely important. As an owner of a coworking space, it is imperative that you take the responsibility of creating a safe space for your members, allowing them to communicate effortlessly among themselves and also with the staff. In order to achieve this, newsletters and social media groups can be a great place to start.

Coworking spaces allow freelancers, and other small business entrepreneurs experience the idea of an office in a more distinctive way.

Grow Network

Along with providing real estate solutions, a coworking space also allows one to build an expansive network to leverage new business opportunities. Having a space to test markets with varied demographics is evidently possible when a coworking community is diverse and cordial. A community that embodies professionals from different backgrounds, with varied skills permits diverse networking in a coworking space.

Organize Events

Successful professional events along with recreational community events help you strike a balance between social and skill-based events.

If your member is interested in arranging an event, give them a chance to, so they will feel more involved. It is true that having entrepreneurs, freelancers, and several other creative professionals will benefit your coworking space.

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Connect Members

Being proactive in getting entrepreneurs together during social events is a flair that any coworking space operator needs to have. Unless you are acquainted with your members, understanding their goals would become impossible. A proactive and well-acquainted space operator sets the culture for any coworking community.

For this reason, you should be able to put together a community that will allow entrepreneurs to facilitate their needs such as them choosing a PR agency, or getting a graphic designer through referral or simply by sitting next to one.

Build Trust

Trust catalyzes innovation and creativity. Along with being a space operator, taking your time to position yourself as an expert would build trust among your members. As a primary touchpoint, driving engagement with your members and imparting information about your coworking space fosters trust.

It is evident that meaningful engagements within a community are only possible through trust that is established over time. Along with maintaining an online roster with all your members’ needs, bringing entrepreneurs together and enabling shared growth is also essential.

Recognize Group Members

Meaningful gestures of recognition encourage members of a coworking community to be more involved. Recognizing the freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other members in your coworking space through social media channels is effortless and inexpensive. Having a more personalized approach such as a picture wall is a great method to instill acceptance among your community members.

Set The Tone

Workspace culture highly depends on your members’ behaviors, thoughts, and principles. As a coworking space operator, setting the tone for your coworking space culture is required for a more amiable workspace. Culture and tone set a cold, boring workspace apart from a highly engaging and productive workspace. This can be quite challenging but your culture would help your community to look forward to working there.

A view of a DevX coworking space.

Summing it up…

The spirit of being part of a community encourages new members to join your coworking space, it helps previous members to be a part for a longer period of time. You can also offer freebies as a giveaway or a gesture of thanks to the community members can also encourage them to visit your space time and again.

A coworking community thrives on collaborative efforts, where both coworking operators and members put efforts and bring the community together. This in return makes the coworking members feel like they have an equal share in your success and be a part of your journey.

What efforts have you made towards creating a collaborative community? What is your secret to a happening community?

Tell us in the comment section and help a fellow coworking operator out!


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