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California Leads the Way: Unveiling the State-Level Surge in Coworking Spaces

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The COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized our approach to work, with many employees now enjoying the benefits of remote work flexibility. As 12.7% of employees have shifted to full-time remote work and another 28% to a hybrid model, the demand for coworking spaces has surged significantly, reshaping the post-pandemic office landscape.

To understand this shift, CoworkingCafe examined the availability of coworking spaces across various metropolitan areas, offering insights into where remote workers have the most options in terms of flex workspaces, including an exploration beyond bustling metros to mid-sized and smaller ones.

At the state level, California leads the charge with an impressive 864 coworking spaces, capitalizing on its hybrid work culture, followed by Texas with 627 spaces, and New York with 532. These states have become hotbeds for coworking spaces due to their large urban centers and a dynamic mix of industries that support flexible work arrangements. This distribution highlights the widespread acceptance of coworking spaces, catering to a variety of professional needs and preferences across different states.

In the realm of large metropolitan areas, New York, NY, emerges as the top destination with 606 coworking spaces, supported by its thriving tech and finance sectors. Los Angeles, CA, and Miami, FL, follow with 357 and 272 spaces respectively, each offering unique environments conducive to remote work. Washington, D.C., with 247 spaces, and Dallas Fort Worth, TX, with 244, round out the top five, demonstrating the nationwide spread of coworking spaces in major urban centers.

Mid-sized metros have also embraced the coworking trend, led by Salt Lake City, UT, with 38 spaces, and closely followed by Bridgeport, CT, with 35. Meanwhile, Albany, NY, and Durham-Chapel Hill, NC, share the third spot with 29 spaces each, while Charleston, SC, completes the top five with 22 spaces. These mid-sized metros provide a rich ecosystem for remote work, combining flexibility with community-oriented environments.

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Among smaller metros, Boulder, CO, stands out with 25 coworking spaces, followed by Asheville, NC, and Trenton-Princeton, NJ, each offering 13 spaces. Reno, NV, with 12 spaces, and Provo, UT, with 11, complete the top five, showcasing the growing demand for coworking spaces in less populous areas.

These smaller metros offer remote workers opportunities in unique and vibrant communities, furthering the expanding footprint of coworking spaces across the country. Read the full study on CoworkingCafe’s blog.


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