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Celebrating Women in Flex: A Testament to Squiggly Careers and Diverse Pathways to Success

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The third annual London Women in Flex event took place last week, marking another milestone in the celebration of women who are reshaping the flexible workspace industry. The event brought together a room full of brilliant and accomplished women, all of whom are carving out unique paths to success in this dynamic field.  

The event was hosted by Runway East Bloomsbury. Their CEO, Natasha Guerra, chaired a panel discussion, and was joined by Lisa Cations (Founder and MD, JCR Advisors), Myf Plunkett (Head of Sales & Marketing, LentaSpace) and Suzanne Murdock (Founder and MD, The Hub Newry).   

Women in Flex began in 2022, and has been run in partnership since then by the Flexible Space Association and technologywithin. Every year, the event is a source of inspiration, brimming with insights and vibrant discussions about the collective experiences of women in the industry. One recurring theme we’ve noticed is the diverse routes women take within their careers, reflecting the industry’s evolving landscape and the varied opportunities it presents. 

Embracing Unconventional Pathways 

The concept of “squiggly careers” has been a central theme in the conversations at Women in Flex events. Unlike traditional career paths, many women in the flex industry have pursued winding paths, seizing opportunities that may lie outside their everyday roles which have led to new positions.  

A key piece of advice shared by the panelists has been to identify mentors and supporters who can challenge and motivate you to excel. They emphasized the value of learning new skills and highlighted volunteering for activities beyond core responsibilities as an excellent strategy for meeting a broader range of colleagues and gaining diverse experiences.  

Similarly, personal skills such as the ability to communicate with anyone and be adaptable were emphasized as being just as important as formal qualifications. At Women in Flex events, there is representation from people who have entered the industry with a degree, whilst others have joined as a teenager and worked their way through to senior roles.  

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Diverse Journeys to Success 

The event showcased a variety of career journeys demonstrating these ideas in practice. At the most recent Women in Flex event, attendees heard from four women who took very different paths through the flexible workspace industry.   

From starting on the reception desk to climbing the ranks to becoming the head of sales and marketing for a large workspace operator, to turning their own experience of finding office space to opening their own flexible workspace, the speakers’ experiences were all very different.   

Insights and Inspirations 

The panelists’ advice and lived experiences to seize opportunities, learn new skills, and constantly engage with a broad network resonate deeply within the industry. The stories demonstrate that there is no single path to success; rather, it is the willingness to embrace change, seek out growth opportunities, and build supportive networks that propels women to senior roles in the flex industry. 

As the industry continues to evolve, the insights and experiences shared at each of the Women in Flex events will undoubtedly inspire the next generation of women leaders, encouraging them to forge their own unique paths to success. 


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