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Collaborative Workspaces to Dominate Africa

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Africa’s two leading providers in the shared workspace industry, KOFISI and Workshop17, have announced a strategic partnership to provide a wider range of services and locations across Africa. The demand for shared workspace continues to grow faster in Africa than the rest of the world – fueled by the growth in the working age population, which is expected to grow by more than 450 million people, or close to 70% of the continent, by 2035.

Africa will become a key contributor to the global workforce and has already started to gather momentum. Some of the largest global technology companies, including Google, Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft, have already deployed into Africa to capitalize on this talent surge. The talent focus on Africa is the predicted spike in the working population over the next 20 plus years – an increase that would comprise a third of the global working population.

Unlocking Africa’s potential through partnerships

The partnership brings KOFISI and Workshop17, Africa’s two premium work space providers, together offering their members access to a combined network of 22 locations, 60,000m2 of collaborative workspace across seven countries and all four regions of the continent, making it the largest independent network of beautiful serviced office and shared workspaces across Africa, where the quality and consistency of facilities are reliable, even in sometimes unpredictable environments.

The two brands have established a reputation for offering a premium workday experience in their respective countries, offering hospitality services, wellness, quality aesthetic and customized office design in their collective portfolios. KOFISI operates 10 locations in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and is opening in Rwanda and Morocco this year. Workshop17 has 12 locations – with eight in South Africa and four in Mauritius.

This will empower businesses to access a shared community of enterprises and SME’s with local knowledge and infrastructures already operating across the continent.

A view of a coworking space in Africa.

What does this partnership mean for Africa?

 With Africa expected to contribute a significant portion of the global workforce by 2030, a focus on productive workplace solutions is crucial for the continent’s economic growth. Instead of looking outward, traditionally to countries like Russia, China, UAE, USA, and France, Africa will be looking inward to boost entrepreneurial economies that can boost their local economies and tackle poverty and unemployment. This will be done through new, flexible business SMEs that will draw on connections with neighboring infrastructures.

“This partnership aims to meet evolving expectations for global standards in workplaces across Africa, driving hospitality service standards and supporting improved productivity, collaboration, and well-being,” says Michael Aldridge CEO and co-founder of KOFISI.

“The combined strength of KOFISI and Workshop17, with their extensive client base, continental knowledge and expertise, will create a fertile ground for innovation and growth, appealing to all enterprises operating or entering the African market,” adds Paul Keursten CEO of Workshop17. Together, they are set to establish a new industry benchmark, revolutionizing the workspace sector and shaping the future of work in Africa.

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As the global workforce industry turns its attention towards Africa, productive workplaces are key to economic growth, attracting multinational corporations as well as supporting entrepreneurial ventures, creating jobs, and boosting local economies.



KOFISI was established in 2013 by Michael Aldridge. KOFISI operates 10 centers in six countries. KOFISI is the leading brand in enterprise solutions in Africa, combining customised workspace with hospitality inspired facilities to deliver a “hotelification” lifestyle brand. KOFISI focuses on enterprise solutions for larger companies. Zones include East, West and North.

About Workshop17

Workshop17 was established in 2012 by Paul Keursten and Mark Seftel in Maboneng Johannesburg. Workshop17 currently operates 10 locations across two countries: seven locations in South Africa and three in Mauritius. Workshop17 is the leading lifestyle workspace brand in both countries, offering flexible workspace solutions for individuals, small and large companies.


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