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Blending Teaching with Community Development: Tips for Coworking Marketers

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If you’re responsible for a coworking space’s marketing, outreach efforts, and lead generation, you are in a challenging but important position. To be successful, coworking marketers need to balance two important roles: Community Developer and Tenant Acquisition Specialist. Even in specialized coworking communities, building a sense of community is key.

“The best advisors have the heart of a teacher.”

Dave Ramsey, nationally-syndicated radio host

Ramsey’s advice is useful for virtually any situation where you’re hoping to generate interest and business value. Similarly, your future coworking tenants need someone with the heart of a teacher to show them the benefits of housing their team within a coworking space.

Coworking spaces are unique because they provide on-demand space and resources for numerous companies to operate beneath the same roof. If a coworking space can attract the right blend of clients to the right kind of space, they will build a magnetic workplace where companies will ultimately compete to secure space for their teams.

So, how can coworking marketers create this type of dynamic space where businesses will thrive? Let’s explore the value of community presentations and other member-only events in promoting your space’s offerings.

Coworking Community Seminars

Promoting your coworking space is a complex art. Simultaneously, you want to emphasize the cost-savings, productivity enhancement, and workplace culture perks. But, you also need to be mindful that executives are wary of placing their teams within arm’s reach of their competitors.

One of the best ways to highlight the value of deploying teams within a coworking environment is with VIP events designed to helps members gain access to important information that impacts their industry.

These member-only events should be promoted outside of your coworking community. Publicly inviting thought-leaders to speak at your space is one way to do this. With each event, you want potential members to see the immense value of joining your space and gaining these types of special professional opportunities.

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Empower Members to Showcase Their Talent

Many coworking spaces house members that can benefit from one another. For example, a digital streaming company can benefit from the data storage and compression company next door. Similarly, a digital marketing agency can build relationships with other members to find new clients and offer their services to collaborative projects.

Workplace relationships with members of other companies can produce a unique form of synergy – something totally exclusive to the coworking space. This is one of the reasons more than 18,000 coworking spaces have popped up around the world in the last few years.

One strategy for encouraging healthy coworking relationships is allowing members to take turns hosting valuable after-hours workshops. Innovative coworking marketers can take this a step further by filming the workshops and adding them to an exclusive on-demand library for tenants.

As the space’s marketer, the biggest obstacle in offering this strategy is helping tenants with the technical aspects of creating a high-quality, informative lecture in their area of expertise. For less tech-savvy companies, using a screen recorder for Windows 10 is a good way to help your members show concepts in action. Recorders and other screen-sharing software can help minimize low-value content and improve the impact of the member’s presentation.

Allowing members to speak about their projects or share technical knowledge underscores both their own expertise and the coworking space’s unique position to gather thought-leaders together, encouraging professional development and meaningful skill-sharing.

Are you building a community within your coworking space? If not, it’s time to start leveraging the specialized talent within your four walls. As a coworking marketer, it’s your responsibility to get the word out: this is where the best of the best hone their craft.


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  1. We agree with your point that marketing a co-working space is complicated as every co-working space has its own pace of demand but turning it into a brand to reach more potential customers requires lot of efforts with creative marketing strategies.

    Great insights.

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