Content Marketing for Coworking Spaces

Content Marketing for Coworking Spaces

Vlog about your events, yes.

Write Medium articles about your members’ triumphs.

Tweet furiously and personally about issues you (and your people) care about.

However, don’t make content about the logistics of running your coworking space. First, that’s my job. Second, your members don’t care about how to run a coworking space. As a chef, you don’t invite the diner back into the kitchen and show them how the oven works. The diner is there to enjoy a meal, not to see the tools you use.

Sure, Joel Spolsky wrote about how to run a software company, but that wasn’t to attract customers. It was to attract talent and, potentially, investors. He also did it because he wanted to. It was for fun.

By all means, if you like writing about coworking logistics, go for it, but don’t put it on your coworking space website and don’t expect it to attract members.

There are times, though, when it’s okay to write about how you run your coworking space, and that’s when you write about real accounts of how you foster community, how you connect people, and how you protect your members from door-to-door salesmen.

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