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2019: Continental Desk Price Averages

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Everyone would agree that the coworking industry to growing fast, but how is it evolving?  As the industry develops across 2nd and 3rd tier cities, and more spaces saturate the downtowns of major hubs, how have prices been influenced? We are releasing our 2019 desk price index data in small “bites” of the full publication of our 2019 Global Desk Price Report.

Continental Hot Desk Prices – Average Monthly Desk Prices for 2019

We analyzed 10,400 coworking spaces in more than 162 countries, 6 continents (plus the Oceania region). We took were provided the data from and stripped out hot desk (open seat) prices over $1,000 / mo and under $20 / mo to remove any outliers and smooth the data set. The data below represent the averages for each continent, and how they changed over the last 12 months, ending January 2019.

We feel this data is insightful and helpful for space managers to consider their pricing against the average in their continents, and how prices have changed on average.


Our Analysis

We were initially surprised to see hot desk prices globally reduced from $205 / mo, to $187 / mo on average. We believed that as the market matured, prices would increased along with it. However, after looking deeper at the data, there is evidence that prices have declined as Tier 1 markets have become more saturated, bringing along with it greater pricing competition. Additionally, the industry has developed across emerging markets, putting downward pressure on global price averages. We hope you enjoyed this data “bite”, and check out a detailed analysis in our 2019 Desk Price Index report

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