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Coworker Network Reaches 15,000 Coworking Spaces Worldwide

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Photo credit: Fellow Coworking, Spokane

Coworker, Inc., the leading online marketplace for booking coworking spaces around the globe, today announced its network now comprises 15,000 spaces in 2,571 cities. 

This means Coworker has coverage of roughly 75% of all coworking spaces in the world, with analysts estimating the total number will surpass 20,000 by 2021.

Despite the effects of Covid-19, 1,171 new coworking spaces joined Coworker in 107 first-time cities in the past six months. This hints at recovery in the coworking industry being underway after months of unprecedented challenges.

“Reaching this milestone of 15,000 coworking spaces is not just a positive sign for our marketplace, but for the coworking and flexible office industry on the whole,” said Madison Maidment, Chief Operating Officer at Coworker. “With remote work becoming a global mainstay, we’re proud to offer 15,000 different options for professional workspace.”

A graphic illustrating's latest milestone of reaching 15,000 coworking spaces in its network.

While a significant number of the coworking spaces listed on Coworker’s platform are in the leading urban markets for coworking, such as Bengaluru, Hong Kong, London, and New York City, many of the spaces that joined in the past six months operate in smaller, suburban locations.

For example, cities such as Belmont in Canada, Ravenna in Italy, Myoko in Japan, and Budva in Montenegro are a few of the 107 first-time cities that were added to Coworker during the period of Covid-19. 

“We certainly expected the number of new space listings to decrease in 2020, compared to the 40 percent growth that we saw in 2019,” said Maidment. “But in witnessing the growth that’s occurring in smaller towns and even rural areas shows that the demand for coworking is still very much alive.” 

In addition to providing a searchable marketplace for coworking spaces, Coworker also offers Global Pass, the first truly global coworking pass for teams and remote professionals that grants frictionless access to thousands of workspaces. 

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