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DevX Launches Second Coworking Space in Pune

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DevX, Gujarat’s largest managed office space provider, announced the launch of its second coworking space in Pune. To further expand it’s national presence, DevX plans to double it’s India portfolio by investing Rs 60 crore.

Recently feted as Gujarat’s leader in the managed office space segment, DevX is a coworking space cum accelerator founded in September 2017 by three entrepreneurs and one listed entity: Dev Information Technology Ltd.

The company was envisioned as a startup accelerator focused on nurturing innovative startups by providing them with all requirements. Positioning DevX as an equal partner in growth, the company supports startups through their allied strategic partnerships and services.

The different initiatives of DevX are thus structured to build synergies, enabling cross-pollination of ideas as a means of collaborative growth and development. The company’s initiatives address different requirements across the value chain.

“Launching our second center in Pune helps us deepen our Maharashtra presence and reaffirms our core values of offering world-class office infrastructure with an immersive experience,” said Co-Founder Umesh Uttamchandani at the launch.

“We are proud to have global firms like AArete as occupants at our second center, helping us set standards for the segment to aspire to. With our stated business goal of being the partner of choice for GCCs & ODCs, I am excited about the future of the industry,” he added.

Reaffirming these views, Nilesh Gandhi, Vice President of AArete, said, “Working from DevX’s new Pune office, we envision to provide our team a surreal work experience, be it in terms of ergonomics, a non-monotonous work environment with flexibility, and to also enable our team to refresh and re-energize with amenities like yoga and meditation areas.

We were looking for a managed office partner who takes care of all office requirements so our team can simply focus on our work. With DevX, we got just that as well as an exceptional customized office solution with our own branding and the best environment.”

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As a core part of the ecosystem, DevX also provides a platform for professionals and companies to hold hackathons, seminars, events, and so forth.


DevX is a coworking cum accelerator envisioned to provide world-class, best-in-breed services to its clients. Firmly rooted in the ethos of collaborative growth through partnerships, DevX offers immersive accelerator services across the value chain.


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