Fixing “Zero Traffic Days”

Fixing “Zero Traffic Days”

I used to have “zero traffic days”.

These were days when Coworking Insights received no visitors. Zero traffic days happened on days when we didn’t publish new content.

Then one day we committed to publishing an article every single day. Zero traffic days disappeared. What’s more, the audience grew faster than I imagined it ever could.

Keeping up with the demand of writing every day was difficult, so we brought on contributing authors, which means we get to benefit from the experiences of people other than our own, making our brand just a little more valuable.

Apply this to yourself.

Does your coworking space experience zero traffic days? No tours, no inquiries, no web traffic? I imagine that the best way to fix that is to “publish” something every single day.

On Monday you could write a very detailed and inspirational profile of one of your members. On Tuesday you could send a ton of personal thank-you notes to everybody who helped you in any way over the last week. On Wednesday you could host a happy hour (there’s a new theme every week and people can’t wait to see this week’s theme). On Thursday you could host a talent show (the twist each team is made up of a one artist and one programmer). On Friday your team and members could volunteer their skills at nonprofits around the city and Periscope the whole thing.

Your recorded experiences can be leveraged as even more content. Some of it will be great and some of it won’t. Regardless, if it’s original, I bet people will pay attention.

If you do this, my hunch is you’ll forget what a zero traffic day ever felt like.

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Ryan Chatterton

Ryan is the founder of Coworking Insights, a coworking media platform focused on delivering unique and in-depth insights for coworking founders and their teams. He’s the Marketing Director at Habu, a quickly growing coworking management platform that is simple, fast, and intuitive for managing recurring billing, bookings, and other admin tasks. Formerly with Impact Hub and PARISOMA, Ryan now has over 4 years of combined experience in a variety of roles in the coworking industry, including marketing, events, operations, sales, software, and partnerships. He’s a digital nomad and a lover of wine and tacos. Follow Ryan's personal blog at

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