For Employees: When to Quit

For Employees: When to Quit

Are you a frustrated Community Manager, Event Coordinator, or Director at a coworking space, accelerator, or similar business? At least a handful of you are, if not more.

There comes a time in your coworking career when you’ve learned what you can at the place you’re at. Your boss is demanding more from you, but paying the same, and they won’t let go of control so you can’t do the things you know are good for the business.

You’ve likely thought about leaving, but the idea of finding a new gig is scary, especially for those in the coworking industry. After all, what skills do you have? You’re likely a professional generalist, but so many companies are looking for specific skill sets in marketing, design, management, sales, or software engineering.

So you begin looking at other coworking spaces in your area. For many, there aren’t a lot of prospects. In my home town there are only three worth talking about. What’s more, the successful spaces often don’t need your scrappy, entrepreneurial initiative. They want compliance because they have a system and want their new employees to fit into that system. No, they don’t want somebody like you, they want a compliant college graduate who once had a summer job selling alarm systems door to door.

Even if they do want your scrappy initiative, it’s highly likely you’re getting yourself into yet another situation where you’ll be overworked and underpaid because “it’s great experience.” Bullshit.

Oh, no, I’m not saying you shouldn’t quit if these are your prospects. I’m not saying you should stick around because all you can see are companies that offer safe mediocrity or startup hell.

You should still quit.

Quitting is often the kick in the ass you need to do your next thing. When you only have 3 months of runway you’re going to need to find a way to make money. Desperation makes you scrappy, it heightens your reflexes, it makes crazy ideas seem worth trying.

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Yes, it might end up in failure.

But who knows what could happen in the process? Maybe you’ll start your own company, coworking related or otherwise, and be free from job land forever. Maybe you’ll travel.. Maybe you’ll find a team building a new space and you can be a partner this time.

Whatever happens know that the skills you’ve been developing are valuable. Know that your potential is immense. Know that you’re holding yourself back.

Yes, you need to quit. You need to quit yesterday, but today will be just fine.

Ryan Chatterton
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