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Good Habits for Running a Coworking Space

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As with anything in life, a culture or business is the product of a set of habits. Habits define the clothes we fit into and whether or not our coworking space is profitable and well-received.

Instead of creating good habits, what most people do (in coworking spaces or other businesses) is jump from task to task all day long. At the end of the day they wonder where their day went.

Instead, try taking just one day out of your week and perform the same tasks at the same time throughout that day each week. Something like:

9am-11am – create marketing opportunities and partnerships

11am-2pm – connect with members in meaningful ways

2pm-5pm – identify ways to improve the space

Eventually, instead of one day per week, make it two or three days per week. These are your habits at these times every one of those days. No exceptions.

In six months I guarantee you’ll have a better business, happier members, and you’ll feel far less stressed out.

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