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Hot Desk Pricing in France Decreased by 12% Between 2021-22

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As the coworking industry continues to develop across second and third-tier cities and suburbs, flexible offices are growing in appeal. With the global average price for a monthly hot desk rental reaching $206 USD (up from $189 in 2021), competition is ripe as spaces see rising demand from corporate clients and companies using a hybrid model of work.

Our latest report, the 2022 Hot Desk Price Index, compares the average monthly hot desk prices of more than 19,500 coworking spaces in 172 countries and across six continents based on data provided by Coworker

Across major European cities where coworking is popular, such as France, the report determined that pricing for hot desks remains relatively higher than the global average at $255 USD per month. This represents a 19% increase from the global average, which suggests that overall demand and the cost of living is greater in France than in other countries, leading to higher coworking pricing.

However, while the average price for a hot desk in France is higher than the global average, the country saw an overall decrease of 12% in pricing between 2021 and 2022.

In 2021, pricing for a hot desk in France was $292 USD per month, while in 2022 it decreased to $255 USD per month. This may be a result of supply increasing in France’s market, which would drive prices down in an effort by coworking operators to remain competitive and entice members to their workspaces.

A coworking space in France.

When examining the key cities in France with thriving coworking markets, pricing for hot desks in Paris is the most expensive of all, coming in at $315 USD per month in 2022. Based on all listings in France available on Coworker, here’s how the key cities in France rank by hot desk pricing in 2022:

  • Paris – $315 USD per month
  • Nice – $273 USD per month
  • Lyon – $269 USD per month
  • Bordeaux – $252 USD per month
  • Lille – $246 USD per month
  • Strasbourg – $231 USD per month
  • Marseille – $223 USD per month
  • Rennes – $215 USD per month
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As our report indicates, hot desk pricing in France’s more populous and urban markets is generally more expensive than lesser tier cities. To find out how France’s market compares to other countries and cities globally, access the full report here.


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