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How Companies Can Grow By Embracing the Flex Office Model

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Entrepreneurs and small business owners are by definition a different breed — it takes certain singular personality traits such as passion, motivation, and a robust work ethic to find success without the security and infrastructure of a large organization backing you up.

But for those who are so inclined to blaze their own trail, entrepreneurship also offers numerous benefits — such as freedom, flexibility, and enhanced ownership in your career trajectory — that make going alone all the more worth it. 

One of the major drawbacks? Life as an entrepreneur, small business owner, or freelancer may seem lonely or isolating at the outset. Without designated office space and an administrative support staff, you may be wondering how all of the day-to-day tasks get done and if you’ll miss the regular interaction with colleagues and mentors that are known to fuel collaboration, connection, and community. 

Enter coworking spaces. The numerous advantages these shared spaces offer entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers provide a panacea for the solitude that often comes with the territory.

From a sense of structure to a spirit of community, coworking spaces allow you to change your perspective, ramp up your productivity, and manifest positive business outcomes. 

Better together

Networking as a small business owner or solo practitioner takes some extra effort — it’s all too easy to spend your days as an entrepreneur toiling away in obscurity while missing the opportunities to make the meaningful professional connections that contribute to your company’s future growth. 

By nature, coworking spaces are designed to bring together professionals from an array of industries into a communal space to work, as well as to network. Have you been missing those water cooler moments since leaving a large company and branching off on your own? You’ll find them in coworking spaces, along with other meaningful moments of collaboration, connection, and community with the fellow workers crushing their goals at your side.  

It’s no secret that spending time with people from a diversity of backgrounds and areas of expertise can generate new ideas and projects. Coworking also presents the opportunity to meet other professionals who could help you in a variety of ways — from accountants to legal professionals to tech specialists — that can help take your business to the next level.

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Access an innovative support system

When running your own business, you may lack the internal infrastructure that every business requires — from administrative and IT assistance to access to meeting spaces to the ability to work from different locations  — that bridge the gap from how-do-I-get-there to I’ve-made-it-to-the-top status.

An amenities-focused coworking location can provide these solutions to ongoing challenges in your daily routine. Do you need a private office or do you prefer a large communal space where you can vibe off of your fellow professionals? What tech advancements and administrative services do you require? And, will you need more seats for additional staff in the future?

By choosing a coworking space, you’ll have the flexibility  to make changes to your office footprint as your needs evolve without being locked into a fixed long-term  office lease. 

The bottom line

The lower costs, built in support and enhanced flexibility offered by coworking spaces provide entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers the revenue and time to invest in their own growth. Whether you’re just starting out or entering a new phase in your business, the simplicity of coworking spaces over traditional office leases allow you to access high-end facilities and premium amenities without breaking the bank or making any long-term commitments.

As opposed to renting a traditional office, coworking spaces come equipped with similar perks of a lease but in  a plug-and-play, all-inclusive environment. This kind of agility  is a crucial benefit to small businesses with growth on the horizon..

Whether you work as a contractor, consultant, freelancer, or on your own, coworking spaces empower you to grow your business beyond your expectations with the right surroundings and support in place.  


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