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How Coworking Spaces Can Ignite Growth for the Creative Economy

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In the dynamic landscape of today’s global economy, the creative economy is experiencing exponential growth. This sector encompasses diverse industries such as art, design, media, technology, and more. Its significance lies not only in its workforce evolution since the pandemic, but also in the innovative contributions it brings to society.

The creative economy is not just a niche; it’s a powerhouse driving economic growth and cultural innovation. According to Deloitte’s study on the Future of The Creative Economy, it has been growing faster than the wider economy globally and is expected to grow 40% by 2033. This growth is a testament to the increasing demand for creative services and products worldwide.

However, despite its growth, creatives face numerous challenges including financial instability and lack of resources. This is where workspace providers can play a pivotal role, by providing an environment that offers flexibility, with a variety of amenities and services, and a community that fosters creativity, collaboration and inspiration.

A view of people in a coworking space.

Turnkey Solutions

The pandemic has accelerated hybrid working patterns where businesses increasingly prioritize flexible locations, office spaces and commitments, with a focus on workspace and community. The more that companies embrace the recent and growing trends in the workforce and ways of working, the more it will align with people’s requirement for flexibility. 

Business Growth Support

Coworking operators are in the business of workplace hospitality and, as the industry matures, member experience matters. As an operator, there’s value in providing space for people to create their best work. We believe in housing a creative culture and by supporting the individuals who shape it. Investing in a growth incubator like &Grow has allowed us to genuinely provide a creative incubator to support our members. 

A view of two people in a coworking space.

Networking & Community Engagement

While we all enjoy some of the complimentary bites and beverages you can have at a coworking space, we believe in building community and engaging community through intentional programming activations that help educate, empower, or connect them with the right person throughout their business journey. Activating industry-specific networking that has a clear give-back purpose truly allows us to support the creative economy.

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Amenities & Services

Niche coworking spaces are in. People want to be surrounded with like-minded individuals, come together, and learn from one another. To help cater to creatives, it’s no longer enough to provide lounge areas, phone-booths, and conference rooms. Ampersand Studios specializes in the provision of in-house production and content studios, specifically designed for creatives to do their best work and, in turn, helps stimulate growth for local creative industries through access to: 

  • Content Studios: Flexible content and production solutions to help bring ideas to life.
  • Studio Managers: Studios created by and run by local production experts.
  • Equipment Access: Convenient in-house amenities, production facilities with access to content services and equipment rentals. 

A view of people at a coworking space event.

From opening our doors in 2018, we’ve catered to both external production houses, and our members, including marketing companies, design studios, and individual content creators. The ripple effect of supporting creatives extends beyond individual success stories. It fuels innovation, drives economic growth, and fosters a more vibrant and culturally rich society. 


About Author

Matthew Giles has 20 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry managing and developing substantial projects both in London and the USA. As an entrepreneur himself, Matthew’s interest in supporting dynamic small-businesses and working alongside ambitious individuals drew him to coworking. Identifying an ever growing Production Industry and a requirement for content creation studios, he sought to combine his experience in real estate, leading to the creation of Ampersand Studios. Ampersand Studios is the next generation of flexible workspace environments, existing to inspire and support creative people. It provides stunningly designed private offices and flexible workspaces, with full in-house Production & Event capabilities. Its overall strategy is focused on developing a hospitality-driven and member-centric workspace where you can House Your Creativity.

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