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How Have Coworking Prices Evolved by Continent Since 2018?

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After facing a downturn in 2020, the coworking and flex office industry is recovering gradually in countries across the globe. With the average price for a monthly hot desk rental in 2021 reaching $189 USD (up from $183 in 2020), spaces witnessing new demand from corporate clients and companies using a hub-and-spoke model of work. After years of steady progress, the rise of remote work has finally made coworking mainstream.

In our latest report, the 2021 Desk Price Index, we examine the evolution and maturation of coworking markets around the world. By taking a data-led view of the industry as a whole, the report illuminates the evolution of coworking pricing continent by continent between 2018 and 2021.

Our Analysis – Monthly Price Evolution by Continent

In this year’s Desk Price Index, we examined the average monthly hot desk prices of more than 15,000 coworking spaces in 172 countries and across six continents based on data provided by Coworker.

As this was our third annual Desk Price Index report, we were able to compare costs between each continent and show how prices have matured over a period of four years.

In 2021, Oceania demonstrated the highest monthly average desk prices, reaching $283 USD per month. This data is consistent with Oceania’s pricing from past years; the continent has ranked most expensive in comparison to all other continents since 2018.

By contrast, monthly coworking hot desk prices in Africa have remained on the lowest end of the spectrum among continents. In 2018, Africa’s average monthly price was $112. This number rose slightly to $116/month in 2019, fell to $110/month in 2020, and this year, returned to $112/month.

Also in 2021’s report, every continent with the exception of Asia showed an increased average monthly desk price. In Asia, the average price decreased by -1.17% from $146 to $144.

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To read a detailed analysis of what these continent-based statistics reveal about the industry at large, download the full 2021 Desk Price Index report.


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