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HUERTA Coworking: A Force for Good in Buenos Aires

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For years, Buenos Aires has been lauded as a thriving metropolis for entrepreneurship. Thanks to the thriving coworking spaces in Buenos Aires and community-led organizations like Startup Buenos Aires, which offer free classes, events, resources, and support for startups, as well as other government-backed accelerators and unique tax incentives, Argentina’s capital is home to many innovative companies striving to make a real impact.

One such company is HUERTA Coworking, which began when four friends working together in Buenos Aires decided to form their own digital marketing agency alongside other freelancers. 

The founders decided to set up shop in an old house in the neighborhood of Palermo as their first location, learning everything about running a coworking business from building maintenance to networking activities.

A coworking space in Buenos Aires.

Since the beginning, HUERTA had very clearly defined their three pillars: community, innovation, and sustainability. The first two are very common among other flex office spaces, but the third speaks to people behind the mission.

In 2020, HUERTA made a major commitment to sustainability by deciding to take the journey to become an “Empresa B” company, which they achieved last September. Certified B Corporations in Argentina are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. 

Empresa B companies are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. 

“This is a community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good,” said co-founder of HUERTA Coworking, Andres Williams. 

Both HUERTA’s locations in Palermo and downtown Buenos Aires meet the requirements of an Empresa B business, showcasing the brand’s passion for sustainable working. 

A coworking space in Buenos Aires.

Already, the HUERTA team has established a powerful partnership with Eco House—a non-profit organization that encourages environmental education and volunteer work. By creating their own orchard on-site and hosting many climate-related workshops, HUERTA works closely with Eco House to show coworking members how to adopt more sustainable habits. 

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Because the company prides itself on sustainable business practices, many coworking clients choose them for this reason. Moreover, through their activities and workshops, HUERTA acts as a resource for other enterprises in Buenos Aires looking to begin this journey, since, according to Williams, “Once one knows about this way of doing business, there is no way back.”

To learn more about HUERTA Coworking’s mission to be a force for good in Argentina and beyond, you can view the space’s listing and request a booking via Coworker. You can also follow HUERTA on Instagram.


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