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Incudesk: Providing Workspace Solutions for a Diverse Cross Sector in The Bahamas

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Despite the current Covid-19 pandemic, flexible workspace offices are trending and gaining in appeal and popularity as a viable solution for businesses around the world, the Americas, and indeed, The Bahamas.

With tourism being The Bahamas’ primary economic engine, visitors are utilizing workspaces to stay in touch with their businesses, conduct virtual meetings, and hold conferences and seminars while in the Bahamas. Therefore, besides the local community, workspaces can experience an added revenue stream from the tourism industry.

Incudesk is the leading workspace provider in the Bahamas. Launched in late 2018, Incudesk remains the primary choice of entrepreneurs and professionals for the provision of workspace solutions.

Since our opening, Incudesk has expanded to a second location, while currently preparing to open its third location by the end of 2020. All three workspaces are located in prime business hubs throughout the city of Nassau and New Providence, strategically anticipating and meeting the needs of prospective clients.

Against the backdrop of closures, downsizing, remote work, and streamlined overhead expenditure due to the pandemic, businesses are embracing the ready-made flexible workspace solutions that Incudesk provides.

A coworking space in The Bahamas.

Navigating the challenges of Covid-19

Plans for the new location preceded the global pandemic, yet upon its arrival, the young, dynamic Incudesk team recalls immediately shifting focus to leverage spending. The pandemic’s impact sparked immediate discussions to renegotiate rental contracts, vendor agreements, and recurrent expenditure. Every effort was made to harness expenditure in view of forecasted dips in revenue.

During the country’s ongoing and staggering eight-month-long on/off lockdowns, the Incudesk team managed to bring precision focus to the overall facility improvements of the existing locations. This was done by simultaneously implementing the highest standard protocols for safety and sanitization methods, as well as ensuring clean and healthy environments for the benefit of clients, employees, and guests.

Once clients were satisfied and happy with the emphasis to optimize and maintain a clean and safe workspace, we at Incudesk turned our focus to marketing via all media platforms, creating motivational hubs and safety tips  for its various communities. Motivational quotes, graphics with safety tips, and other incentives were rotated each day to help brighten the blues that members might have been experiencing.

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A coworking space in The Bahamas.

Importantly, the agility of our team to pivot and assess the ongoing crisis helped guide daily tactical decisions versus long-term decisions that could be impacted by further unpredictable events and instability.

While all of this took quite a bit of effort, planning, and execution, hopefully it will be for the greater good and sustainability of our Incudesk brand. Since our founding, our clients have always been the primary focus; therefore client suggestions and input are highly sought and integrated into the Incudesk workspace models.

Moreover, anticipating the needs of clients and exceeding their expectations is a strongly held core value for Incudesk. However, there is always room for improvement when excellence is our standard. Satisfied clients appreciate knowing that their businesses and services are being positively enhanced with the support of the Incudesk workspaces.

A coworking space in The Bahamas.

Plans for further growth

The planned and steady growth of Incudesk is driven by anticipated demand for affordable, turnkey offices, meeting rooms, and workspaces in a post-Covid world.

Along with my business partner, William Bastian, I am extremely proud of the many awards and recognition we have received over the last three years by local and international organizations.

From freelancers and micro-entrepreneurs to international blue chip corporations, Incudesk has provided workspace solutions for a diverse cross sector.

While Incudesk is based locally in the Bahamas, our world-class facilities and services have attracted local and international clientele for physical and virtual workspaces. With the imminent launch of our newest location, Incudesk West, the new space will be situated within the vibrant hub of  Town Center at Old Fort Bay in Western New Providence.

A pre-launch and open house is being planned for the end of November. The Business Desk was officially opened on Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020.

For those interested in pre-booking time at an Incudesk workspace, visit the space’s listings on Coworker or find Incudesk on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram @incudesk.


About Author

Ericka Wilson is a Co-Founder and Vice President of Incudesk Coworking and Shared Workspace company. Incudesk's spaces, with their cozy yet cool fusion of modern and minimalist industrial design combined with resourceful automated technologies, offer a hospitable environment for local and international businesses in The Bahamas.


  1. This is my go-to place for meetings and I have got to say, the professionalism within this space is always consistent. The owners live and breathe to ensure that not only their guests and members feel a sense of confidence and accomplishment in their space but that they are forced to speak highly of it. I go nowhere else for my meetings.

  2. I’m from the Florida area and have had the chance to utilize this co working space services in The Bahamas during my visit in January of this year ,their staff are very professional . This is the place! The work environment is very pleasant. I really liked it, and highly recommend Incudesk spaces for Businesses and Co-workers.

  3. The space was really convenient for my short visit over to meet with clients in the Bahamas. The work space environment was very professional. I give the space a 10 out of 10 for co-workers.

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