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JustCo Launches SuperPass to Optimize Workspace Cost Savings and Usage

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JustCo, Asia’s leading flexible workspace provider, announced the official launch of the SuperPass in Singapore. Eligible members who sign up for SuperPasses will not only get to enjoy additional on-demand access to JustCo centers in Singapore, but also keep costs low without the need to purchase more workstations.

Be it start-ups at early growth stages or companies seeking to expand their portfolio sustainably, eligible members can now leverage the JustCo SuperPass to optimize workspace cost savings and usage in the hybrid work era.

The introduction of the JustCo SuperPass rides on the back of growing hybrid work adoption across the world. With more businesses embracing hybrid work as a long-term policy, JustCo’s newly launched SuperPass offers a much-needed flexible workspace solution to businesses who are still in the process of calibrating their hybrid work policies or looking for cost-efficient measures to optimize workspace usage.

For instance, you have a 10-pax private office contract with JustCo, and you have recently hired two new employees. To grant your entire team full access to JustCo’s shared amenities and the 10-pax private office, you may consider applying for 12 Super Passes.

With this expanded access for your team of 12, you can now enjoy the flexibility to schedule on-site work and in-person meetings on specific days based on each employee’s job scope. This will foster more effective collaborations and synergies among different departments as employees return to the office on fixed days.

Apart from achieving workspace optimization and enjoying greater flexibility for hybrid work implementation, this cost-saving offering will also help businesses reduce fixed expenditure. With the provision of additional on-demand access to JustCo amenities upon application, businesses no longer need to purchase new workstations whenever there are new hires.

The JustCo SuperPass will greatly benefit businesses at different growth stages, especially those looking for cost savings and space optimization at expansion stages or those who require additional funds and manpower to drive ad-hoc special projects.

“Many businesses have been reconfiguring workspace arrangements to suit their prevailing hybrid work model. On top of that, increased emphasis has also been placed on sustainability and space optimisation to reduce wastage in the workplace. In response to these evolving work trends, flexible workspace solution providers must constantly innovate, refine existing offerings, and launch new products,” said Kong Wan Long, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, JustCo.

“The opportune introduction of the JustCo SuperPass elevates JustCo’s flexible workspace solution to the next level as businesses can now enjoy a greater degree of flexibility over workspace utilization and additional cost savings, in the event of a growing headcount or an adjustment in hybrid work arrangements. Moving forward, we have plans to roll out the JustCo SuperPass in other cities so that more members can leverage this solution to grow their business sustainably,” added Kong.

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