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Kitchen Design Trends & Amenities in a Coworking Space

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Keeping an efficient kitchen in a coworking space is essential to productivity. Alongside practicality, keeping things looking trendy can do wonders to encourage your team to strive for the latest and best while they work. Let’s take a look at some simple yet effective ways to keep your shared kitchen space at its best.


In a Coworking Space, a Good Coffee Station is a Must!


Every coworking space is bound to house at least a few coffee fiends, so including a coffee pot or Keurig machine is a great move. Not only is it a good way to appeal to the caffeine fanatics on your team of workers– it can provide a great opportunity to decorate the kitchen area while saving on valuable space. Matte black and charcoal colors that serve as functional, dark accents can add a bold, trendy look to your shared kitchen.

The rage over juice blends has yet to die down, meaning that a juicer can still stand strong in your coworking kitchen’s arsenal. You’ll definitely want to opt for one with a quiet motor and a user-friendly set of controls to make sure that it isn’t disruptive, and place it in an area with plenty of counter space– bonus points if that counter space includes a basket of fruit to juice. Pick a juicer in a bright or bold color in order to provide another splash of functional decor, and provide your diligent team of collaborators with some delicious, much-needed brain food to keep the creative juices flowing.

Keep it Minimal.

Efficiency in the allocation and use of space is helpful even in solo kitchens, and it’s absolutely essential a coworking spaces. You don’t want your trendy coffee maker and snack station to start compromising the light, airy atmosphere you’ve worked so hard to create. When choosing design elements and amenities to spruce up the kitchen in your coworking space, always keep minimalism at the back of your brain.

Whenever possible, store appliances in cabinets or alcoves that keep them out of the way and free up usable counter space. The last thing you want is for your trendy, attractive kitchen space to become a bottleneck that slows the productiveness of your team instead of helping keep things streamlined.


Provide Multi-Purpose Cabinet and Shelf Space


When working to appeal to the entire crowd in your coworking space, it’s wise to look for opportunities to provide a space for each person to customize. Not only will this make each worker feel welcome– it’ll preserve the minimalist look of your kitchen by preventing miscellaneous items from cluttering up counter space. A great way to handle this would be to ensure that you’re making plenty of cabinet and shelf space available, and then let each team member fill their own section with their amenities of choice.

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Each work team member can bring their own coffee pods, powdered creamers, fruits, tea bags, or other supplies so that they’re able to stay efficient and grab exactly what they need come break time. To really help streamline the coworking kitchen space, provide some multi-functional glassware or bakeware so that food storage, leftover re-heating, and eating are all covered in one fell swoop. To give your shared storage space a trendier look, switch out half of the cabinet doors for a two-toned color scheme. This will take things a step further in keeping things visually organized, and give the kitchen a fresh, new look.


Bathe Your Space in Light to Keep Spirits and Inspiration High


No matter the purpose of a shared space, lighting is key. A major component of today’s trendy kitchens is a light, open atmosphere. If at all possible, opt for a kitchen space with plenty of windows. The natural light stimulates people’s senses in a way that cannot be rivaled and gives any room an unparalleled feeling of openness and clarity.

If natural light sources aren’t really an option, then bring in a variety of designer lighting features. LED light bulbs come in all kinds of varieties, including several that mimic daylight– this can serve as a good alternative when windows aren’t conveniently located. Nothing puts a damper on people’s spirits like dim, dingy lighting in what’s supposed to be a productive and highly motivated workspace.

Keep your lighting trendy with some pendant lights, and set off your versatile counter space with task lighting to make coffee or lunch breaks easy. By keeping the ambient light at the perfect level of brightness, you’ll help your work team feel refreshed when they go for a coffee break and keep things moving.

The atmosphere of the kitchen in any coworking space is absolutely essential to productivity and team morale. Give your co-workers a sleek, trendy space to unwind at lunch time, and provide them with an efficient area to grab a quick coffee or juice blend to recharge on the go. Make sure you’re providing plenty of storage and counter space, and using that space wisely. Keep things trendy and inspiring with bright lighting and some fashionable appliances, and you’ll refuel the members of your work team in both body and mind.



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