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Lisbon Sees Boom in Day Pass Bookings & Wellness Offerings

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Lisbon has quickly become a leading capital for coworking globally, with Portugal containing around 1.36% of the world’s share of flexible workspaces. Since the onset of Covid-19 in the country, operators have noticed a new development: more Lisbonites are venturing to workspaces that promote well-being.

Urban residents are looking to coworking spaces to provide an experience that goes beyond fast wi-fi, offering wide-ranging flexible options and plenty of safe community building.

For the Portuguese, coworking must also fit with their lifestyle goals. As freedom and fleixiblity become higher value, professionals have perceived the benefits of being able to manage their work-life balance on their own terms.

Just outside of Lisbon, spaces like Well&Work in Paco de Arcos, for example, have seen a 78% increase since June 1 in remote workers booking day passes. This is because professionals now expect coworking brands to directly appeal to their values—which in today’s working world translates to promoting health, safety, and sustainability. 

Moreover, this focus on wellness is also becoming important to enterprise teams. Well&Work’s largest office is leased by a data company from Lisbon, who wanted to offer a “beach” location to their employees to support their well-being and allow them to work near home. 

According to another Portuguese operator, IDEA Spaces, people are concerned about safety protocols and often inquire about them before visiting the space.

With a third space opening this year in Lisbon, IDEA Spaces has found that reinforcing their health and safety measures for former members and new remote teams is at the forefront of their communications strategy. This has led to 50% of day-pass users signing up for extended memberships.

Lisbon’s boom in wellness offerings is demonstrative of a trend that is likely to continue in the ‘new normal,’ as more remote professionals and teams seek out communities that promote health-first working.


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Photo credit: IDEA Spaces, Parque das Nações

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