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Meet The Founder: Nipun Gupta of Nukleus

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Nipun Gupta is the Founder and CEO of Nukleus Co-Work & Co-Play, a leading coworking operator in Noida, India. With over 25 years of experience in real estate, Nipun has developed and delivered various commercial projects across India as well as several international projects. Since founding Nukleus in 2018, Nipun has built a workplace culture centered on affordability, wellness, diversity, and inclusivity. 

Learn more about the founding of Nukleus and the coworking company’s plans for expansion into Delhi-NCR in 2021 in our latest interview.

How did you first discover coworking?

My keen interest in recent real estate trends along with traveling for business to many cities across the globe has, in combination, always pushed my imagination related to the coworking industry and work culture.

I have seen the transition of conventional business set-ups move toward millennial entrepreneurs and startups, and coworking became a natural evolution of the workspace, rather than a new discovery to me. Companies like IWG worked as a precursor to the discovery of coworking and the global workspace and work culture trends established by WeWork.

What is your involvement at Nukleus and when was it founded? 

Nukleus was founded in 2018, and I majorly put my time and effort into the acquisition, planning profitability, and expansion processes. We started with 120,000+ sq. ft. of campus in Noida sector 142, and now we have one campus each in Delhi and Gurgaon.

We plan to cover Delhi-NCR in our first phase of expansion and in 2021 we will have presence in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

A coworking space in Noida, India.

What has been the mission of Nukleus since the beginning?

Nukleus wants to transform the work culture and bring affordability, wellness, diversity, and inclusivity to the workplace. 

How has the market for coworking in Noida evolved over the past couple of years?

In Noida, the overall market has been steadily growing over the past few years, with many companies coming forward to capitalize on the promising rise of the flexible workspace market.

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What emerging trends have you noticed this past year?

Last year has certainly taken facility automation to the next level and efforts to integrate wellness at workspaces are also on the rise.

What are three key ingredients for operating a successful coworking space in a post-COVID-19 work environment?

Flexibility and affordability are a must to overcome the ripple effects of COVID-19 along with keeping the facility ready as per safety protocols to minimize and control the transmission of pathogens.

A coworking space in Noida, India.

How have you pivoted your operations during 2020 in an effort to navigate the consequences of COVID-19?

There were many initiatives that were taken in order to tide over the turbulence and we were quick to adopt the latest safety guidelines for our workspaces.

Our operational costs definitely increased, but we capitalized on sustainability over short-term profitability and gave out a lot of permutations to the occupants so we were able to retain them.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to open a new coworking space in the current market?

For new entrants my advice would be to make optimum use of the space and give the occupants various options in terms of price range and usage. 

To learn more about Nukleus, visit their listing on Coworker.


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