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Meet The Coworking Manager: Karlisle Morocco of Servcorp Barangaroo

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Virtual Office and Coworking Manager Karlisle Morocco wants members to remember Servcorp Barangaroo as the business solution that aided in launching their company and create unrivaled opportunities in their industry. With such a diverse array of remote professionals working from Servcorp Barangaroo (and Servcorp’s many other locations!), this thriving community is the perfect place for coworkers looking for a professional space to call home. Here’s why.

How did you discover coworking?

I first discovered coworking in 2012 when a friend of mine was hired at PWC in Toronto. I remember looking at the open space and hot desk set-up, thinking how fun it would be to not sit at the same spot on a daily basis, especially in an industry that can be quite routine. I started working with Servcorp in 2017 and at that stage, the roll out of coworking had commenced globally. I have been heavily involved in it since then. The Barangaroo location was built around this time and was opened with coworking as a huge focus.

What is your involvement with Servcorp Barangaroo?

I am the Virtual Office and Coworking Manager at Servcorp Barangaroo. The location opened in August 2016, and I have been at Barangaroo for close to 18 months now.

How would you describe the community at Servcorp Barangaroo?

Barangaroo is a unique location! It is a large floor (three times a standard Servcorp floor) with coworking, virtual clients, and private offices occupying the entire Level 35 at International Tower One Barangaroo.

Our clients truly feel part of a large community when they come to Servcorp. Our reception desk is located near the lifts and our team is there to greet clients, their guests, and offer services when required. We always greet our clients and often have quick chats with them to track how they are and how their business is going. We are really here to assist with providing our clients an all-around business solution and sometimes that means making them feel like part of a team as well.

Do you host any events to bring the community together?

We host a variety of events to boost our community. Every Friday, we host happy hour from four to five p.m., where the beer tap is flowing and we provide snacks for the hour. It is a really casual event, so clients can come and go as they please or stay around the area and mingle for a bit longer. Our team joins them to introduce clients to each other or arrange a fun game to play within the hour.

We like to introduce a theme to the majority of our happy hours or events to create buzz throughout the week. We also invite our clients to host events to promote their business and bring attention to the different industries on the floor. We have had many successful collaborations on the floor in the past years, and currently there are three collaborations between private office and coworking clients due to the connections made through our events.

What are the three key ingredients for operating a successful coworking space?

The top three that come to mind are:

  • Creating a working environment that neither feels like a gymnasium nor a library, but a professional space for like-minded people to successfully run different businesses in a common area.
  • Providing a community with networking opportunities. It is important for businesses to have face-to-face interaction, no matter what industry you are in. Networking brings about the opportunity for potential collaborations or sharing ideas with someone outside of the business’ day-to-day operations.  
  • Cater the space to everyone. There is a common misconception that coworking is only for small businesses, but we have many large organizations that need a presence in a new market and want to test the waters before fully committing. These companies could afford to place one or two employees in private offices; however, the associated costs and risks are far too unknown. We eliminate this risk and provide a solution so they can get straight to business and focus on how they will succeed in this new market. Of course, we also have new companies in similar positions, unsure of what their business will be able to accomplish, but who are looking for a solid base and competitive advantage in the market.

What is your favorite part of coworking?

Easily the people. The clients that we attract seem to be very friendly and outgoing professionals. They are keen to have a healthy mix of fun and professionalism in the work place, and that makes a huge difference. They also carry an element of pride in their space, knowing they share the address with the likes of PWC, HSBC and Baker Makenzie. It is a privilege to provide this advantage.  

What types of cool projects are your members currently working on?

There are a broad range of industries on the floor, so on any given day, there are a multitude of cool projects. We have everything from cyber security companies to fashion gurus who all work alongside personal accountants. Every day is different on the floor, and each of our clients is working on their own version of a cool project.

What was the most challenging part, thus far, of opening and operating a coworking space?

I was not here when the office opened its doors, but like anything there is a teething period where you have to find where you fit into the market and how to attract the clients that are best fit for the space. These factors can all be part of the challenge, but it is a fun learning process. We continue to learn and grow on a daily basis to be able to provide solutions for everyone.

Do you have any advice or tips for someone who is looking to open a coworking space?

Know the market, do your research on what is on offer, and learn about supply and demand. Quality is necessary. There is no such thing as “fast fashion” when it comes to providing business solutions. It is also good to keep in mind that the enquirers are educated and that they are making educated decisions. They are aware that “you get what you pay for” strongly applies to the real estate market.

How would you like people to remember Servcorp Barangaroo?

I would like people to remember Barangaroo as the business solution that helped to get their business off the ground and create unrivaled opportunities in their industry. It is a location they should feel proud to have held space in, allowing them to create many personal and business relationships that they can carry with them in their future endeavors.

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For more information about Servcorp Barangaroo, visit their page on Coworker here.


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