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Meet The Coworking Manager: Louis Lai of Servcorp Hong Kong

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Before she became the Coworking & Virtual Office Manager at Servcorp Two International Finance Center (IFC) in Hong Kong, Louis Lai worked in sales and marketing for luxury interior products for seven years. This experience gave her an understanding of what business practices are like in Hong Kong, including the ways to successfully market products and understand customer behavior. Now, she applies her experience as a Hong Kong native to her role at Servcorp’s Two IFC location, one of the largest and most popular spaces in the city. Learn more about Louis’ story and the benefits of choosing Servcorp below!

How did you discover coworking?

The first time that I heard about shared office/coworking spaces was from my previous job. A U.S. business partner asked me where he could find a shared office in Hong Kong in 2011. I remember how it surprised me that people shared their office space with other people that they didn’t know. And I thought about how amazing it would be for people to share office facilities with people from different backgrounds. After I joined Servcorp in 2014, I started to get a clear-cut idea of what shared office space is and how it works.

Which space do you currently manage? How long have you been the community manager there?

I have been the Community Manager of Level 19, Two International Finance Center for over five years. This is one of the most prestigious locations in the world, with the largest coworking and virtual office membership among all Servcorp locations. 

It was an amazing experience to launch the coworking space at Two International Finance Center in 2018. It’s nice to see how much the clients enjoy working in this shared office environment due to the flexible working hours and utilization of office facilities when they need them. Our clients feel they are a part of our community when they come to work at our shared space, or even if they’re just picking up their mail at reception. The team always greets them and develops a good rapport with each client.

A Servcorp coworking space.

How would you describe the community at Servcorp Two IFC?

Hong Kong is a financial hub, with billions of dollars coming in and out every minute. Two International Finance Center is in the core of this financial hub, with the highest concentration of banking institutions in the world. Two International Finance Center is the most prestigious location in Hong Kong Central, and it is the largest office space in Hong Kong that includes private offices, virtual offices, and coworking clients on Level 19. Hence, this location attracts all financial sector institutions and professionals to work in this shared work space — from startups to well-known international hedge funds.

What other unique elements make your coworking space stand out from all the rest??

It is an ideal location with modern coworking decor that offers the most cost-effective total business solution. This grants our clients a modern office fit-out, secure Wi-Fi, a well-trained team that can assist with administrative tasks at all times. Two International Finance Center is in the heart of Hong Kong, and the IFC mall is one of the most appealing shopping destinations. The location is well-connected with many transfer options, and you can reach the airport in under 25 minutes or walk to the Macau Ferry Terminal in just five minutes.

Do you host any events to bring the community together?

We host monthly client events. Our last event was the 2019 Christmas party, where we celebrated the joys of the season with all of our clients at Two IFC. We had a Mexican Christmas theme, and all team members and clients wore colorful sombreros and sang Christmas carols. It also provided a great networking opportunity, where our clients could interact with each other and develop professional relationships, creating new business opportunities in the process.

What are the three key ingredients for operating a successful coworking space?

Creating a harmonious community for clients to work in is essential. Servcorp’s community links clients with 60,000+ like-minded imagineers to buy from, sell to, and collaborate with. It is a great business platform for clients looking to enlarge their database and network with people from all over the world. Additionally, Servcorp’s spaces are modern, professional shared office environments with no brands. With one Servcorp coworking membership, clients can access 160+ locations around the globe. Also, offering flexible options that do not require long-term commitments works well to adapt to client requirements.

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A Servcorp coworking space.

What is your favorite part of coworking?

I enjoy meeting people from different backgrounds and also love to see them succeed. This is the main reason why I like our coworking membership. It also helps to keep operational cost low for our clients to start and manage their business. Sharing the office space helps our clients make good use of our office resources with limited costs. We also provide additional services, such as using the meeting room facilities or secretarial services, which are offered on a pay-per-use basis.

What is the most challenging part of operating a coworking space?

With arrival of other international service providers, we work to navigate the competition and deliver the important message to our clients that  Servcorp’s business solutions can help them to kick off their business in the right direction. Mainly, we take on the challenge by providing A-grade locations, professional office designs, technology, well-trained administrative teams, and 160+ international locations, to name a few.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to start a coworking space?

Understand what you need to start your business. Do your research on what you are looking for, and most importantly – “Don’t Buy a Lie!” Look for the value and the right elements that can make your business a success.

How would you like people to remember Servcorp Two IFC?

This is a place that they are proud to be a part of, which helped them grow and succeed with its professional workspace and dedicated, friendly team. When their friends mention coworking, they will remember us and recommend our space to them.

For more information about Servcorp Two International Finance Center, visit their page on Coworker here.


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