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Meet The Coworking Manager: Tingy Li of Servcorp NYC

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Coworking Manager Tingy Li wants members to remember Servcorp Madison Avenue in New York City as a professional and close-knit community of like-minded companies that helped them excel and grow their businesses. With a wide range of entrepreneurs, small teams, and corporate employees working from Servcorp Madison Avenue (and Servcorp’s many other locations!), this urban hub is ideal for remote professionals looking for a space in the midst of bustling NYC to call home. Here’s why.

How did you discover coworking?

I first discovered the concept of shared spaces and heard about coworking from friends who had either started their own companies, or worked at startups who had rented coworking space with WeWork or other local providers. I thought it was a pretty great way for businesses to keep their costs low, while being able to effectively run their businesses.

What is your involvement with Servcorp Madison Avenue?

I am currently managing our two floors at 667 Madison Avenue, our newest NYC location that just opened in July 2019. I had started with Servcorp in January 2018 at our One World Trade Center location as the Virtual Office and Coworking Manager. It’s very exciting having grown the coworking sector of the business at One World Trade Center and getting to lay the groundwork for 667 Madison now!

How would you describe the community at Servcorp Madison Avenue?

As 667 Madison Avenue is known for being the finest boutique office building in NYC, it attracts an incredible and elite community of members. Our clients range from family offices in the financial sector to world-renowned art galleries.

We also have a large open common space, where our clients gather for lunch or informal meetings with their clients (and each other!)

What other unique elements make your coworking space stand out from all the rest??

In addition to our amazing community of clients, we also have a highly trained team of executive assistants on site, who our clients rely on to assist with administrative tasks for their businesses. Another very important thing (all New Yorkers know this!) is that this space is close to many different transit options and is a two-minute walk from Central Park. Another client favorite is that we have a SweetGreen outpost in our space, so a healthy and delicious lunch can be brought directly to you!

Do you host any events to bring the community together?

We host client events monthly, whether it be just a 667 Madison community event or an all New York client event. Our last two events were holiday-centric, with one being a Thanksgiving luncheon at 667 Madison Avenue, and the other our annual holiday party at our One World Trade Center location. It’s a great way for all members of our community to mingle and network. In my two years at Servcorp, I can really attest that the closer-knit the clients are, the better the atmosphere.

What are the three key ingredients for operating a successful coworking space?

  • Creating an atmosphere that potential clients (and established clients) want to be a part of, which is why the community is such an important aspect of shared spaces. People want to like their neighbors and work alongside professional people in a great environment.
  • Having a highly trained team who your clients can really depend on to assist with their business needs. Relationships are important in this business, and having either yourself as their account manager, or your executive assistant developing a great rapport with the client, helps to create that sticky relationship.
  • Being in a centrally-located area, especially in a major city! Commute times are one of the key factors in peoples’ search for office space, and if your space is located near good transit options (and great lunch spots don’t hurt), it just makes the prospective client’s option that much easier.

What is your favorite part of coworking?

I love being able to meet so many different people from different backgrounds and learn about so many various businesses. I also love that with Servcorp, we don’t require long-term commitments from our coworking members. We really are here to assist with their businesses, and if their needs change, we can help!

What was the most challenging part, thus far, of operating a coworking space?

The most challenging part is the market. Now that the coworking sector is such a big part of commercial real estate, there are many different providers out there, ranging from the more well-known spaces like Servcorp to smaller, local providers. Anyone running a coworking space must know their market, and what other spaces are and are not providing.

Do you have any advice or tips for someone who is looking to open a coworking space?

Have a beautiful, professional, and branded design in a centrally-located building, know your market, and curate a great community of clients and team members. Or better yet, just come to Servcorp!

How would you like people to remember Servcorp Madison Avenue?

I would love for our clients to remember our space as a professional and close-knit community of like-minded companies, who really helped them excel and grow their businesses. Word of mouth is very important, and client referrals are the best lead source!

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For more information about Servcorp Madison Avenue, visit their page on Coworker here.


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