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What’s the Most Important Feature of Coworking Spaces for Prospective Members?

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The insights are finalized and our 2019 CMCAs Official Data Report has now been released. We are excited to share the results of our analysis, which involved gathering feedback from thousands of coworkers in 126 countries around the world.

2019 Coworker Members’ Choice Awards: Findings

This year’s Coworker Members’ Choice Awards were hugely successful, and we are proud to be able to officially recognize 529 winning coworking spaces in 126 countries across the globe.

As a result of this year’s voting process, we received thousands of responses to questions about the coworking industry. We wanted to know: what do members value most about their coworking space? How has coworking helped our members forge new connections and discover new business opportunities? 

Our findings revealed some interesting insights that we want to share with you. 

When choosing a space, we wanted to better understand what remote professionals look for and what features they believe are most important to their experience.

After ranking 10 features they look for when choosing a coworking space, our voters designated workspace comfort as the most important feature of a shared office.

These insights give evidence to the fact that having a comfortable, pleasant environment is the most important factor for prospective members. Good thing so many of our member coworking spaces are designed with comfort in mind!

To learn how our voters ranked the other nine features of coworking spaces, including location, proximity to public transport, and pricing, check out our full 2019 CMCAs Official Data Report. 

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