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New Report Analyzes Average Size & Capacity of Global Coworking Spaces

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Coworking Insights is proud to present our 2022 Global Size & Capacity Report, which compares the average square footage and workstation capacities of 19,500 coworking spaces in 172 countries.

With each new year, evolving workstation offerings and average sizing metrics of coworking spaces provide evidence of the continued demand for flexible workspace.

Assessing the average size and capacity of coworking spaces globally offers useful insights into the industry’s ongoing development, such as the markets with the largest coworking spaces as well as the countries and cities with the most amount of workstations available.

With data provided by, the 2022 Global Size & Capacity Report represents the average sizing by square footage for each region, as well as leading cities and countries. The report also compares how the average sizing has changed between 2019 (pre-pandemic) and at present, showcasing which areas have seen the most growth or regression as a result of the pandemic.

Our findings this year have led us to conclude that the global capacity is 98 workstations on average for all 19,500 coworking spaces listed on Coworker as of August 2022

We also determined that the global average square footage is approximately 7,244 sq. ft. for the regions of Asia-Pacific, Central America, Europe, Latin America, Middle East & Africa (MEA), and North America. Of these regions, workspaces in North America have the largest average square footage at 9,548 sq. ft.

In addition to showcasing which regions have the largest coworking spaces and workstation capacity, the 2022 Size & Capacity Report illustrates key insights such as:

  • Average size by country in square footage
  • Top 25 countries with most amount of workstations per coworking space
  • Size comparison pre-Covid (2019) with 2022 by region

In terms of country rankings by square footage, China took the top spot for largest coworking spaces by size, with an average square footage of 23,260 — an increase of 221% from the global average of 7,244 sq. ft. Following China, several European countries have the next-largest spaces by square footage, including Denmark (17,473 sq. ft.), Sweden (16,566 sq. ft.), Ireland (13,383 sq. ft.), and Norway (11,299 sq. ft.). 

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To learn which cities claimed the top spots for largest coworking spaces and workstation capacities, you can download the free report here.


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