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Ep 11 – What the Future Holds for Coworking and Remote Work

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“Most people actually do rank remote working quite highly.” – Kelly Click To Tweet

In this episode, we discuss what the future holds for coworking and remote work as people begin to return to their workplaces. After surveying both longtime and first-time remote workers across the globe, the report you will hear about analyzes the outcomes of the world’s largest remote work experiment to date.


Show Notes:

  • 01:16 – Background on those surveyed for this report
  • 02:35 – “Most people actually do rank remote working quite highly.” – Kelly
  • 04:03 – The advantages and disadvantages of remote working
  • 06:04 – Where will people choose to work in the future?
  • 07:25 – “Our survey data gave evidence to the fact that more people do plan on navigating to these types of flexible office spaces in the future” – Kelly
  • 08:23 – Episode summary and conclusion
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