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Ep 5 – Global Coworking Space Capacity Averages

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“People have to know how many people can be accommodated in their coworking space” – Alex Click To Tweet

In this episode, we discuss global capacity data from coworking spaces around the world. How many people can fit in a coworking space, on average, across 11,000 spaces? The answer may surprise you. We also review continental averages and compare the average capacity of spaces in the Amsterdam, Bucharest, Hong Kong, and Miami. Interesting and practical, this data can help space managers and real estate developers understand how their space compares to the average in their markets. 

Show notes

  • 0:50 – Average capacity data overview
  • 2:05 – Global average capacity
  • 3:35 – Continental capacity averages
  • 4:45 – Review of Europe capacity as a comparison
  • 6:00 – Review of Amsterdam, Bucharest capacity
  • 6:45  – Review of Hong Kong, Miami capacity
  • 8:22 – Coworking 
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