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Ep 8 – Top Worker Demographics of Coworking Spaces in 2019

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“The flexible office space market will grow from 1.8% to 13% by 2030.” – Kelly Konya Click To Tweet

In this episode, we will discuss the most common demographics of people who use coworking spaces. The results will continue to show the demand for more desks and private offices in coworking spaces than ever before. As coworking proves to be a more flexible, economical, and productive option for companies and freelancers alike, these spaces will continue to be home to many different types of workers in a range of industries.


Time Stamps:

  • 02:35 – Common uses of coworking spaces
  • 04:21 – Large companies that are utilizing coworking spaces
  • 05:23 – Growing coworking spaces in the real estate sector
  • 06:07 – Episode recap and overview
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