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Ep 9 – 2020 Desk Price Index: Top Takeaways

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“Hong Kong came in at the 4th most expensive country for this year's 2020 Desk Price Index report.” – Madison Maidment Share on X

In this episode, we provide key insights into the newly released 2020 Desk Price Index report. In this report, we’ve analyzed data from over 12,000 spaces in more than 170 countries to see how price competition is changing. This is the second annual Desk Price Index — the most extensive comparison of global desk prices to date.


Show Notes:

  • 01:19 – The monthly desk price global average drop percentage
  • 02:30 – The most expensive desk prices in the world
  • 04:58 – Average hot desk prices in Canada & India
  • 06:58 – China culture shift
  • 08:07 – An overview of the 2020 Desk Price Index report
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