Proximity Space: Tapping Into Local Communities, Managing with Humor, and a Relentless Focus on People

Proximity Space: Tapping Into Local Communities, Managing with Humor, and a Relentless Focus on People

I’ve very excited to announce that this is not an article. This is, in fact, our first podcast episode.

This week we chat with Dennis Lankes of Proximity Space. You might remember Proximity Space from a couple of weeks ago because we published a space profile on them. Well, this time you can listen to the entire discussion between me and Dennis. Please, bear with me as it takes a couple of minutes to get into a good groove with Dennis, but it’s definitely worth the wait to hear his passion and perspective on the changing world of work, how to build community, and coworking in general.

There are some technical glitches that, though they weren’t terrible, you’ll definitely notice. We don’t have a real intro yet, but things will get more polished as we produce more episodes. In fact, the audio recording of this interview wasn’t originally intended to be a podcast episode at all, but because the conversation was so great and the audio was good enough I decided to roll with it. We discuss how tapping into your existing local community is key for building your business, about the purpose of coworking, and how to manage staff with humor instead of an iron fist.

Here’s the funny door signage referenced in the show:


You can also listen to the episode on iTunes here:

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