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Shine on Coworking insights

Because Coworking Insights is for people in the coworking industry, we believe it should also be created by people in the coworking industry. We are looking for people who are on the ground, running successful coworking spaces and growing coworking communities.

If you have started a coworking space or are working for a coworking space, we’re looking at you and we would love to give you a platform to share all your insights on the industry.

So, what’s in it for you?

Influence: If you’re looking to develop your career in the coworking industry, build influence, or become a leading coworking brand, contributing to Coworking Insights is where it’s at. Thousands of coworking founders, managers, service providers, as well as organizations and startups that support the industry, regularly consume and share Coworking Insights content each month.


Quality Editing: Our team expertly edits each piece to bring out the best in your content. And we’re not just talking about grammar here. We offer tips and strategies to amplify the impact of your piece, while maintaining your unique voice.

Here are some of the topics you can talk about:

1) Coworking space management


Did you just open a coworking space, expand recently or grow your team? Tell us the ups and downs, what you’ve learned and how others can do it better.

2) Marketing tips and tricks


Everyone wants to stand out in this growing industry, but how do you do it? Tell us how your space invests in branding, marketing, social media, and events.

What kind of events do you organize? What marketing tools and software are you using that everyone should know about?

3) Stories and partnerships


Do you have an interesting story to tell about one of your initiatives or have you recently partnered with an entity that everyone should learn more about?

4) Tools and technology


Everybody uses technology in their space, but we all use it a little differently. We’d love to hear about your unique setup, the tools you use, and how they work together to make your space hum like a well-oiled machine.

Step 1) Send us your idea


No need to write the entire piece at this point. Simply introduce yourself, and give us a brief summary of what you would like to write about.

Step 2) Create and share a draft


After your idea has been approved it is time to get down to business. Based on your initial pitch, create the article you would like to share with the coworking world, including pictures.

  • Text articles: For written articles, please create your draft as a Google Documents link.
  • Video contributions: Please send your video as a YouTube link – either public or unlisted.
  • Images: Please upload the photos/graphics to Dropbox or Google Drive and send us the link to download them. If you are using stock photos or graphics, please ensure that you have the rights to use them. If you’re writing about a coworking space, make sure you get permission to use their photos for your article.

Step 3) Pre-launch Phase


This is the editing phase of the process where the Coworking Insights team will edit, revise, and format your article into an official post in our backend!


Step 4) Celebrate, Share, Repeat


You did it! You’re published, and now it’s time to share your coworking insight with the rest of the world. Coworking Insights will share it with our entire community through social accounts and we hope you do the same!   

1) Keep it interesting & insightful


Ask yourself if this is something you would like to read or if it would be helpful to a fellow coworker. If not, keep digging!


2) Make it your own


As contributors, you are considered pioneers of the coworking industry, therefore it is important that all content is original and belongs to you. We encourage you to share your own unique take on common coworking themes or on the ideas of others, however, it’s not cool when you present other people’s ideas as your own or plagiarize their content.


3) Be concise 


By no means do we want to restrict you, so the length of your article should be as long as it takes for you to effectively share your story or get your point across. That being said, our audience typically responds best to articles between 600 and 1,500 words.


4) Spice it up


If your article is coming up a bit short on words, well, pictures are worth a thousand. Please include high resolution, quality photographs that complement your article. 1 high-resolution image for the banner image is required. The banner image should be 1200×600 px wide.


5) Have fun with it!


People in the coworking industry are anything but stiff. We said goodbye to boring jobs in boring offices so let’s keep the content authentic and fun as well!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you pay for articles?


Sometimes. For first-time guest authors, we often find another form of quid pro quo (this for that) in the form of backlinking, reputation building, and promotion via our marketing channels. If we like working together and you are willing to constantly share pieces of content, monetary incentives do apply. 

Can I include a backlink to my website?


Of course! We hope that if you create an article that your coworking space and brand gets recognition. However, keep it tasteful — we don’t feature articles that are promotional in nature, contain affiliate links or feel too “spammy”. 

Can I include affiliate links in my article?


Unfortunately, we won’t allow affiliate links unless it’s a try out project ( for example you want feedback on something). Otherwise, we try to keep Coworking Insights a community-powered platform with useful and not salesy content.