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The Cost of Coworking: These Are 2024’s Most & Least Affordable Metros for Coworking Subscriptions

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From the bustling cities of the East Coast to the laid-back vibes of the West Coast, and from the northern regions to the southern states, the cost of coworking spaces varies significantly. Key determinants include the operator’s reputation, the range of amenities provided, and the level of competition within each market.

By examining the median starting prices for open workspaces, dedicated desks, and virtual offices across different metropolitan statistical regions (MSAs), CoworkingCafe determined the latest and most accurate prices for the most popular types of coworking subscriptions. Moreover, their comprehensive analysis includes a dynamic tool for comparing pricing in different areas and gaining insights into the dynamic nature of coworking subscription rates.

Open Workspaces

Open workspaces have emerged as popular choices for remote workers, solopreneurs, and small teams, offering collaborative environments and flexible membership options. However, the cost of these workspaces varies greatly across different metro areas.

A view of a chart that shows coworking pricing across the USA.

At the top end of the spectrum, Albany, NY, and Santa Maria, CA, register the highest prices, with monthly subscriptions reaching $250. Following closely behind is New York City, where the median price for open workspaces is $239, reflecting its status as a global business hub. Washington, D.C., and Colorado Springs, CO, also rank high in pricing ($200/month) due to their strong economies and job markets.

Conversely, some metro areas offer more affordable options for open workspaces. Boise, ID, stands out as the most budget-friendly location, with a median price of $93 per month. Other affordable options include Wichita, KS, and Greenville, SC, where median monthly prices stand at $97 and $110, respectively, making them attractive choices for professionals seeking affordability without compromising on quality.

Dedicated Desks

For those in need of a more stable and personalized workspace, dedicated desks are the ideal solution. However, this comes at a higher cost, particularly in California metros like Santa Maria and San Francisco, where prices can exceed $400 per month; in fact, in Santa Maria’s case, the median monthly price for a dedicated desk almost reaches $500. New York City and Miami also rank among the priciest locations for dedicated desks due to their high demand and premium amenities, standing at $425 and $400, respectively.

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A view of a chart that shows coworking pricing across the USA.

On the flip side, some metro areas offer more affordable options for dedicated desks. Indianapolis, IN, emerges as the most budget-friendly option, with a median rate of $209 per month. Ann Arbor, MI, and Hartford, CT, offer similarly affordable rates, both below the $250 mark, making them attractive choices for professionals seeking a dedicated workspace without breaking the bank.

Virtual Offices

Virtual offices have gained popularity among those who require a professional business address without the need for a physical workspace. However, prices for virtual offices vary significantly across metro areas.

A view of a chart that shows coworking pricing across the USA.

Trenton, NJ, tops the list with a monthly membership fee of $215, while Rochester, NY, offers the most affordable virtual offices at just $50 per month, creating the steepest gap between extremes among all the coworking subscriptions analyzed.

To learn more about the findings from CoworkingCafe’s study, view the full study here.


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