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The Coworking Spain Conference 2023 Will Show the Strength of a Growing Sector

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  • The State of Coworking 2022-23 report will be presented, with data on the size of the market and competition among the major operators.
  • Speakers will include national, European, and Latin American experts.
  • This conference is the second most important in the world.
  • CWSC attracts real estate, entrepreneurs, startups, and HR managers.

The national and European coworking industry will gather at the 12th edition of the Coworking Spain Conference 2023 (CWSC), to be held in the city of Valencia on May 9 and 10.

After the pandemic, the sector has reinvented itself and has gradually recovered its activity and has managed to emerge stronger in the face of the new social panorama that encourages the search for new spaces and ways of working.

The real radiography of the sector will be known during the meeting with the presentation of the report State of Coworking 2022-23, which will detail relevant data on the size of the market and competition between the major operators; a study that last year uncovered a growth of 39% in 2021.

More than 200 attendees representing the most influential players in the coworking, coliving, and flex work sector are expected to participate in the meeting. They are looking for services that can be adapted to the different spaces, as well as trends, inspiration and learning about new business and work formulas.

Over two days, 32 presentations will be given by national and international experts from Europe and Latin America; among others, speakers from Great Britain, Ukraine, Mexico, or Chile will present the situation of their corresponding markets.

In its 12 years of history, CWSC has positioned itself as the second oldest and most important coworking conference in the world. It has witnessed the evolution of a national sector and has had the ability to attract, year after year, both small and large international real estate companies seeking to position themselves as industry benchmarks, as well as entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and even HR managers who need to implement hybrid work formulas.

Manuel Zea, CEO of the CoworkingSpain platform and promoter of the CWSC, defines the conference as “a learning forum whose greatest value lies in the attendees themselves for the way they relate to each other and how they create incredible connections that drive them to constantly improve the spaces. Many coworking spaces have been born in this meeting and contacts for business purchases have been established. This twelfth edition is going to be no different.”

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A view of Valencia, Spain.

A program with trends

Spain remains the second best country to work remotely thanks to the speed of the Internet, the large number of coworking spaces, and the available visas for freelancers. Current estimates claim the coutnry has over 1,500 coworking spaces. Therefore, what will be exhibited at the CWSC 2023 will mark the steps of the sector for the following year.

The program will include presentations by the heads of Merlin Properties and Colonial, who will talk about Socimis and flexible workspaces; new coworking locations, such as historic buildings and shopping centers; the automation of spaces with a bot; and the development of coworking in the rural world.

For those who want to get started in the coworking world, a Flex Work Academy masterclass is scheduled to take place on May 8, one day before the CWSC 2023 opening.

Over the past 12 years, the CWSC has brought together 1,800 in-person attendees and more than 4,000 virtual attendees. There have been 264 conferences and more than 300 speakers. It was the first coworking conference to incorporate a code of conduct in 2018. It is now part of its ethical and social responsibility positioning, recognizing and committing to gender equality principles. The code represents a commitment for all meeting participants.


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