The Exception (When to Sell to Babies)

The Exception (When to Sell to Babies)

Seriously, don’t sell to babies. You waste your time and resources this way and you’ll never justify these expenses to your investors or your boss because the short-term ROI just isn’t there.


Except that this only matters if what you’re hoping for in return is money, right now. What happens if you’re seeking something else, like trust, or word of mouth, or a story that you can record and tell about who you are and what you believe in?

Imagine bringing in a world-class thought leader to teach corporate drones to dream big, quit their jobs, and make it on their own as freelance designers. Imagine she shows the step-by-step process for how she did it and how they can do it to. Imagine you do this every month.

It’s reasonable to assume that some of these people will quit their jobs in the near future and give it a go. It’s also reasonable to assume that some of them will succeed. Lastly, it’s reasonable to assume that they will remember where they first felt this inspiration and how it was you who put them and the thought leader in the same room together, and that you expected nothing in return for it.

Who do you think she’ll trust to be her new coworking home?

So no, don’t sell to babies, not if all you’re looking for is money, right now.

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