The Only Job is All the Jobs

The Only Job is All the Jobs

In the beginning its just you. Maybe a small team also, but there’s usually one person on the team who ends up taking on all the work nobody wants to do. It’s the nature of people to latch onto projects that seem cool and do almost none of the work.

This means your job is all the jobs. At least for now.

It’s not useful to complain about this. The best you can do is batch, automate, begin to delegate, and eliminate the unimportant. No matter what, the important work needs to get done.

You get to be the superhero for a while. And you’ll always look back on this time as “that time.”

That time when you worked 60-80hr weeks, when you were so stressed you couldn’t sleep, when you thought weekends were a myth. “That time” will define the next stage of your life.

You’ll look back with incredulity, because you’ll have no idea how you did it all. In truth, if your the person I think you are, there will be no way you couldn’t have.

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Ryan Chatterton

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