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The Problem with Digital Check-ins

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I think we all have this fantasy that we can get rid of our front desk people. After all, they cost so much money don’t they?

However, the switch to digital check ins can’t completely replace the human at the front door.

Digital check-ins are clunky and often require an explanation from, or assistance of, an actual person, which defeats the purpose of the device in the first place.

Digital check-ins are cold, in the emotional sense. We like talking to people. The first impression of a space is everything. While you might feel like a member of the technorati elite when you send somebody a proverbial “woof” (a little Office humor there), the fact is most of us don’t care about technology in this way in a coworking space. Most of us join coworking communities for the community itself, not the flat screen televisions.

What’s more, does anybody love typing with an iPad?

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