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Tools and Services I Love Using For Coworking Spaces

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I just wanted to list off a few cool tools and services that I’ve seen and enjoy for coworking spaces. These are either tools I use frequently, or would use were I to start another coworking space. In any case I have used all of them and love them.

Lux Beverage

This is a coffee subscription service, complete with the machine which makes all sorts of drinks. I test drove this puppy at Alley in NYC. The coffee was fantastic and I honestly think it’s about the same as just buying quality coffee yourself and using your own machine. Basically your subscription comes with the use of the machine and delivery of coffee. Love it.


I haven’t been too keen on most “community” apps or platforms, but I was really impressed with Bisner when I was checking them out for our soon-to-be-published Coworking Management Tools Guide for 2016. They have a great member chat system, dashboard for news and updates, customizable discussion groups, events, and they integrate with Cobot. Also, the design is beautiful. They keep adding new features, but mostly I’m in love with the core feature set. Every other tool I’ve seen that attempts to do this just falls short (Impact Hub had one back in the day called HubNet which was terrible). Who wants another app. But I found this thoroughly enjoyable.


Probably my favorite, stable, and fully released coworking space member management tool to date. This is just my preference of course. There’s a lot of things Cobot doesn’t do, but I’ve found that no other tool is as simple to set up and use than Cobot is. I’ve recommended or implemented Cobot for clients countless times and it’s honestly a rare occasion that there’s something the tool can’t handle which requires a different management tool such as Nexudus, Deskworks, or others. These guys will also be in the guide we are publishing in a few weeks.

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Managed by Q

An accelerator I did some work with used this service and I used it a few times at a coliving space I ran. If you can afford it, it’s just awesome. Basically you can request various services that you don’t want to do or don’t have time to do. This can be great for those pesky projects like cleaning out that closet you’ve thrown junk into for years, getting rid of that broken ping pong table in the corner, or even changing those lightbulbs you just can’t seem to change yourself. This can be a great option for that in-between period when you can’t quite justify another staff member, but you need extra help.


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